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New Unbounce Integration with ActiveCampaign
Unbounce integration


You can now seamlessly connect Unbounce to your Activecampaign account without the need for third-party integrations.


This native integration captures data from any number of Unbounce landing pages and pulls the information into ActiveCampaign. You can then use this information to create meaningful and personalized actions and communications from your ActiveCampaign account. Log into your ActiveCampaign account and find Unbounce in the Apps section to set it up.

New Calendly Integration


With ActiveCampaign’s native Calendly integration, you can connect your Calendly account to your ActiveCampaign account without the need for third-party connection tools.


This will add or update contacts within ActiveCampaign whenever a meeting is booked in Calendly. You can map key event information from each booked meeting (such as start time, contact name and email, and event name) to standard and custom fields on the contact details page. Plus, with automations you can update deals in your pipeline and send personalized, follow-up messages to boost sales productivity and close more deals faster.


Enhancement Contacts Exporting


We’ve made improvements to exporting contacts in terms of usability and experience using the tool.

  • Exports will run faster and no longer face any timeouts due to backend improvement.
  • We’ve created an export page where you can navigate to view, download and rerun recent exports.


Now you can export faster and allow exporting to happen in the background so you can navigate away or close your browser. Log into your ActiveCampaign account and find Calendly in the Apps section 1 to set it up.

Contacts Exporting
New Deals for Accounts


We now offer users the flexibility to manage their CRM in a way that works best works for their business. Deals for Accounts is the B2B-friendly way to manage your customer relationships.


With Accounts, users can now market and sell to customers business to business—and see which contacts are associated with each customer. It also lets folks create a deal on an account with multiple contacts so that you can have one deal, yet see all the different contacts that you’ll need to interact with to close that deal.

Deals for Accounts
Enhancement Deal Detail Page


We’ve also updated the Deal Detail page to provide a more efficient method to capture and find critical information, identify key contacts, and ultimately win more deals.


Here are some of the key feature enhancements to the page:

  • Field grouping for deal fields
  • Ability to assign Roles to contacts on a deal
  • Visibility into how long a deal has been in each stage
  • Auto-saving of deal notes
  • Capturing the Forecasted Close Date of a deal
Deal Detail Page


New Forecast Reporting


We’ve rolled out a new report that will allow you to forecast your business by leveraging the historical forecast accuracy of your team.


By using the new Forecasted Close Date field in the CRM, you can project your future business and understand whether your team is on target to hit your sales goals. This will empower you to know not only what’s in your pipeline, but be able to discern what’s actually expected to close.

Forecast Reporting


Enhancement Deal Updates in Android and iOS
Deal Updates in Android and iOS


Updates to the deal interface that now show the contact or account associated with the deal and improved on the filtering experience.


You can save time by being able to more easily identify the deal you’re looking for with key details such as the primary contact or the account associated with the Deal. With the updated filtering design, it is clear whether or not you have a filter applied and you can ensure all expected deals are visible.

Enhancement Task Management Enhancements in Android


When editing a task, you can now select who you would like to assign the task to. Also, task due dates now respects the user’s local timezone.

Enhancement View recently created Contacts and Accounts in iOS
View recently created Contacts and Accounts in iOS


When you access the Contact tab, you will now see a list of recently created Contacts and Accounts sorted by the most recent creation date.


Closing deals can be a time-sensitive manner. Reduce time to action by easily identifying new prospects to get in touch with.

New Mobile Campaign Reporting Beta in iOS
Mobile Campaign Reporting Beta in iOS


This initial release introduces a Campaigns tab that surfaces the most recently sent Campaigns along with the open rate, click rate, and unsubscribe-rate.

  • In order to access this tab, you must have Campaign reporting permissions.
  • This view is currently available on iOS only and is coming soon to Android!


Having the ability to access your campaign reporting from anywhere gives you the freedom to work flexibly and know how your audience is interacting with your campaign.

Additional notes

Coming soon: Campaign report details and much more. In the meantime, we welcome all feedback through the survey link available in the current view or reach out directly to us at, we would love to speak with you!


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