Upgrade incentive and Follow-Up Email Automation Recipe


A customer gets to the checkout page or the upgrade page, and right at the last step they leave. They abandon their cart, navigate to another page, or decide against converting.

What keeps people from buying? Why don't customers upgrade? Why do customers abandon carts? How can you reclaim some of that lost revenue?

The "Upgrade Incentive and Follow-Up Email" automation recipe uses site tracking to start a conversation with your customers and encourage them to upgrade with a follow-up email series.

This automation helps you:

- Address your customer concerns
- Gain customer insights through site tracking
- Identify problems with your landing page or purchase page
- Improve your marketing copy
- Improve your check-out process
- Encourage upgrades and expansion

Before importing this automation recipe into your ActiveCampaign account:

- Set up site tracking for your website
- (Optional) Link your ecommerce store with ActiveCampaign's Deep Data integration

Here's how the automation works:

1. The automation is triggered when a contact visits your upgrade or purchase page (Note: you can set this to a different webpage of your choosing by inputting the URL of the page that indicates purchase intent or interest)
2. The automation waits for 1 day
3. The automation checks each contact to see if they have made the purchase (Note: in our example we use the product name, "Upgrade" but you can use a specific product name, ID number, or product category -- whatever makes the most sense for your business)
4. If yes, the automation ends
5. If no, the automation sends an email with a discount, coupon code, or another incentive for upgrading/purchasing the product
6. The automation waits 3 days
7. The automation checks to see if the contact has upgraded or made the purchase using the same condition as Step 3
8. If yes, the automation ends
9. If no, the automation sends a final email prompting the contact to take action, and asking why they haven't taken action yet
10. The automation ends

Note: the email in Step 9 is designed to open a dialogue around sales, as well as provide you with valuable customer feedback into your buyer's journey, as well as any pitfalls or problems with your check out process.

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