Track Last Engagement Date

David Power

This is a simple but useful automation that updates a custom field with the current date any time a contact engages or interacts with your ActiveCampaign emails.

Suggested uses include:

- Add the 'LastEngagement' column to your Contacts summary screen to tell at a glance when a contact last interacted with your email.

- Use the 'LastEngagement' field in searches to identify and/or segment contacts who've been un-engaged for a period of time. (e.g. LastEngagement | Less Than | {YourDateOfInterest} )

- Reference 'LastEngagement' date in automations to trigger re-engagement sequences for contacts who haven't interacted recently.

Note 1: Before importing this automation, create a custom field in your account of type 'Date' and name 'LastEngagement'.

Note 2: The automation contains 6 distinct triggers. Feel free to add more if your situation warrants it.

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