Save Form Submissions as Notes

This automation requires Zapier.

Saving form submissions as notes in your CRM is an effective way to preserve data in ActiveCampaign. One of the issues with ActiveCampaign's CRM and forms is that new submissions by the same contact will override existing fields, replacing old data with new data. This means you lose your old data.

This is especially painful if you have a custom field to save a response a lead may add during form submissions - like an open ended question, or comments box, etc. You really want to save that data.

It's a pretty simple automation that posts data to Zapier, and Zapier saves it as a note for the contact. It works really well, and you'll be able to save your data and reference it whenever you need it.

You will also get detailed instructions on how to setup a zap in Zapier to save notes. Depending on your volume, free Zapier account should be sufficient to get started.

Support is included. Details inside. If you have any questions, do comment below.

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