Lead Magnet Opt-In Delivery by Automation Agency

Carl Taylor

This automation and sample pre-written emails delivers a lead magnet opt-in offer, with a simple follow up afterwards to promote an offer (could be a strategy call, could be a webinar, could be a live event, could be a digital product, etc...).

It will exclude following up people who have the tag to say they are already a customer from the follow ups.

...No one likes being emailed about an offer they already have...

This automation follows up with those who have actually accessed the Lead Magnet (done by link tracking) in the first email in a different way than those who don't click the link in the first email.

...Think "those who didn't click, remind them to click. Those that did click, just make the offer..."

This is ideal of businesses offering Lead Magnet opt-In offers (PDF's, Audios, Videos etc..) to generate leads and then following them up with the next steps in their sales funnel.

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