Hackathon - Welcome Series

Hackathon - Simple Stack

Once a customer signs up through an AC form the welcome series will provide a sequence of emails to welcome the customer, get more detail on the customer (which will help with predictive content) and grab immediate engagement. This is a crucial moment within the customer lifecycle because it's an opportunity to introduce new, interested prospects to products and convert them into customers. Within the welcome series if a customer does not click we will follow up with a social connection email to engage the customer in a different way tagging customers along the way. The last email will capitalize on best selling products based on company data to engage the customer to click, purchase, and convert them into a separate product flow.

This will be the first series within their lifecycle. We will hand over a complete set of lifecycle after a customer signs up. This includes: reach & engage (not in this flow, assuming the customer is already opted in or just opted in), nurture and educate (welcome series), convince and close (follow-up after non-purchase/purchase), support and grow (upsell), re-engage (win-back)

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