Deduct Points for List Unsubscribe Automation Recipe


Unsubscribes. They're unfortunate, but no business is immune to their occurrence. Fortunately, you can still benefit from unsubscribes.

You can:

- Learn why people decide to unsubscribe and improve your customer experience for future contacts
- Focus your attention on contacts who actually want to continue engaging with you

How do you track this lapse of engagement? Automated lead scoring is one useful method. You can use the Deduct Points for List Unsubscribes Automation Recipe to help.

This automation recipe deducts points from a contact lead score when they unsubscribe from a specified list. That way you can look into how to improve their experience and get them back, or know when it's time to take a break.

How does the deduct points for list unsubscribe automation work?

Here's how the deduct points for list unsubscribe automation works:

1. The contact unsubscribes from any list and triggers the automation. This is an example of a negative action a contact could take that would result in their score being lowered. Feel free to change this trigger or add other triggers.
2. Once the contact unsubscribes from your list and triggers the automation, their lead score is deducted a specified number of points for the action. You can choose the point deduction value and the expiration date.
3. The automation ends.

What do you need to use the deduct points for list unsubscribe automation recipe?

Just an ActiveCampaign account, lead scoring, and a contact list!

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