Conversations Automation Recipe: Tag Local Contacts from Online Chat


The ability to connect with people online is a huge advantage to businesses. You can reach a lot of people quickly and frequently, especially through real-time channels like online chats.

But, let's face it -- a little bit of real face-to-face time doesn't hurt either. In fact, a lot of people like to interact directly with businesses. But one of the greatest motivators of online business interaction is convenience.

People can access most everything they need at a given time online. And they can still want to get some facetime in with your business but need a little information and motivation to do so.

How do you give them this without creating more work for yourself?

Automate it!

The Tag Local Contacts from Online Chat Automation Recipe can help you tag local contacts or even people nearby just visiting directly from a Conversations online chat. It's helpful to know which contacts are local.


These are contacts that could attend in-person events -- like store sales, seminars, or a BBQ for local customers. Tagging local contacts helps you get them through the door.

NOTE: This automation must be used with the Conversations feature in ActiveCampaign.

How does the tag local contacts from online chat automation work?

Here's how to use the Conversations automation recipe to tag local contacts from online chat:

1. The contact submits their email to the Conversations form in the chat widget. Choose the form "Conversations chat form" as the trigger. This form is automatically generated when you turn on Chat in the Conversations feature.
2. The IF/ELSE action checks if the contact is in the geographical location you chose (you can adjust this location to be wherever you want)
3. If the contact is in that location, they are tagged as "Local." If they aren't, they leave the automation.

What do you need to use the tag local contacts from online chat automation recipe?

Just an ActiveCampaign account, the Conversations feature, and a contact list!

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