Collect New Year Resolutions For Marketing Campaign


What can your contact's New Year resolutions tell you as a business?

They tell you what is top of mind for your contact. It's a way of letting you know where their thoughts are at and what could be guiding their decisions, including purchases, in the coming year. Knowing these lets you identify this vital information and market accordingly.

This automation is triggered when a contact submits your form to collect their New Years' resolution. The contact is then sent a thank you email for participating and a Google Sheets CX Apps action creates a row in a specified spreadsheet so you can have all of the resolutions at a glance and make them actionable.

Here's how this automation works:
1. The contact enters the automation when they submit your form.
2. The contact is then sent an email thanking them.
3. The contact arrives at a Google Sheets CX Apps action and has a row created for them.

Note: This automation recipe is best used with a text entry custom field for a contact's resolution so that you can collect and process a wide variety of data. You might even find some surprising connections you weren't expecting.

Note: Be sure to include the resolution custom field in the Google Sheets action mapping so that this information makes it onto the spreadsheet, along with any other information about the contact you want to be present.

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