Add Points for Email Opens Automation Recipe


Measuring email engagement is important. It tells you which list subscribers on your list want to continue receiving your messages. It can also help you figure out how to increase email open rates.

How? With points.

When you score contact actions with points, it can tell you individual engagement levels while also telling you what types of campaigns aren't working.

Every bit of email engagement counts, but you don't have to count the points yourself. All you need is the Add Points for Email Opens Automation Recipe.

With this automation recipe, you can add points to a contact score each time one opens a campaign.

How does the add points for email opens automation work?

Here's how the add points for email opens automation works:

1. A contact opens an email campaign. Alternatively, you can specify exactly which emails by creating a separate trigger for each campaign.
2. The automation assigns a point value to the contact based on the email open action. You can adjust this point value and the point expiration date to whatever you want. Generally, opening a campaign should distribute fewer points than clicking a link in a campaign.
3. The automation ends when the designated email open has been scored.

What do you need to use the add points for email opens automation recipe?

Just an ActiveCampaign account, lead scoring, and a contact list!

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