Just 1 piece of this Black Friday Toolkit could boost your sales 10%. There are 7.

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Inside the toolkit: 5 trends to keep an eye on for Black Friday 2021

A new competitive marketplace

Customers have even more businesses to choose from as they holiday shop. This means more noise in every channel, more deals, and smaller pieces of the pie to go around.

eCommerce will continue to dominate

Predictions for 2021 eCommerce growth forecast an additional 11.3% increase (on top of staggering 32.5% growth in 2020).

Early shopping is the new norm

No one is waiting for Black Friday like they once did. They are on the lookout, prepped, and ready to take advantage of sales the moment they drop.

Buyers craving authentic and relatable brands

Now, more than ever, buyers are looking to support and purchase from brands that align to their values and showcase their authenticity.

Continuous conversations set you apart

Consumers are continuing to find, search, view and purchase products on various devices and channels.