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Integrate Glance with ActiveCampaign

Integrate Glance with ActiveCampaign.

Organize contacts by goals: Convert email contacts to high-value long-term customers. Organize contacts by SaaS goals (Acquire trialers, convert-to-paid, upsell, prevent churn, and nurture)

Get hyper-segments using multichannel analysis: Marketers and growth teams struggle with aligning marketing activities with users in their SaaS journey. Get segments for the SaaS goals delivered using AI-driven multichannel analysis.

Acquire "trial" customers using ideal customer profile: Acquire trial customers using ideal customer profile matched hyper-segments from your cold and warm list

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  • Organize your audience by goals of your SaaS business of acquisition, conversion, upsell, retain and prevent churn. Send them free trial, upgrade and convert to paid offers based of their behavior on email, product analytics and billing data.
  • Sync your hyper-segments for “acquiring trialers”, “convert to paid” etc. using in your automation. Custom objects ready!
  • Get hyper-segments for cold and warm opt-in lists by qualifying them using your ideal customer profile and our enrichment data.
  • Get the right content recommendations like tonality, content length, subject line keywords for each hyper-segment.

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