Get Consistency and Tone in Your Email Campaigns

Goldy Buxbaum, Founder at Slay Copy, Inc.
Get Consistency and Tone in Your Email Campaigns

Hey, I'm a copywriter and the founder of my own business called, Slay Copy Inc. I help B2B service providers...

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ActiveCampaign for Marketing

Hey, I’m a copywriter and the founder of my own business called, Slay Copy Inc. I help B2B service providers as well the medical industry with marketing and content. My current business goal is to educate white-collar industries on the value of branding and marketing.

Before ActiveCampaign I was limited because I couldn’t offer a full email marketing package where I take the entire headache off the hands of my clients.

The biggest challenge is cutting through the age-old phrase, “If it ain’t broke why fix it” when it comes to branding. There are many successful companies that haven’t spent a day on branding. Their growth is organic through referrals and basic marketing. I do know and believe they can 10x their vision with a brand strategy.

How ActiveCampaign solves challenges — Showing my clients how consistency and tone in their emails, which is internal marketing build trust and likeability with potential clients on their email list. Email marketing is the one marketing tool with the highest ROI.

The biggest accomplishment is that a single platform is enabling both my client and me to grow our businesses at the same time. That is the most incredible accomplishment.

The first email in a welcome sequence I created has an over 50% open rate and over 30% click-through rate in the first half-hour. That’s nearly double the average rate of what’s considered great.

Getting started tips

When you’re not sure how to do something or feel there has to be a better way, reach out to the chat option. They help you right away and make it easy to follow directions.

Why I Love ActiveCampaign

I love the ease of using the platform and how it’s almost impossible to send an email without reviewing it first a million times. I also love the feature of being able to view the email on how it would look in the recipient’s inbox.

Another thing I think is great is the drag and drop feature when you want to add sections to an email. And the ability to save templates. Such as what social links you want to put it, or I use it for microcopy for a fun unsubscribe message.

Is it ok to love more than one feature?

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