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Andre Badenhorst, Researcher at Skole
Andre Badenhorst

SOS is a non-profit organization providing high-quality professional development to K12 teachers. We have a very loyal customer base and...

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SOS is a non-profit organization providing high-quality professional development to K12 teachers. We have a very loyal customer base and frequent communication is absolutely essential.

ActiveCampaign provided us with a stable platform.

ActiveCampaign stretched our thinking in terms of marketing and with great personalized support in that regard, we have a much better understanding of the way ahead.

The email templates provided us with great professional designs and approved our image.

With the professional technical support we can count ActiveCampaign as a platform in terms of business continuity.

With all the great functionality currently untapped by us, there is huge scope for the improvement of our business.

We previously had a huge mission-critical technical incident which seemed like a wicked problem on your side with some communication glitches. It took a while to sort it out, but the important thing is that it eventually was sorted out and communication has also improved. This shows you that you are a learning organization, not a mere vendor, but a valuable partner. That is it. 

The overall impression of ActiveCampaign is that you are not primarily there for monetary reasons, but to provide a great solution to your clients.

Getting started tips

The technical and professional support of ActiveCampaign is superb. Make use of it!

Why We Love ActiveCampaign

The application is highly functional and the professional support is outstanding.

We have a Learning Management System for K12 education for learners and teachers and we use ActiveCampaign as our support system mainly through the Deals functionality. Tickets are logged through an ActiveCampaign form, and according to the support category, with the help of business logic as implemented in Automation, it is assigned to the right person. During the whole process, the client is being kept updated on the different stages until completion.

We are not yet at the stage where we can quantify correlations with ActiveCampaign to business success (metrics), but we are convinced of it and working on it to formalize the impact. 

We have been a customer for more than a year now and we are still blown away by the professionalism.

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