What do you do when leads are slipping out of your funnel—and you don’t have the resources to pull them back?

“The main thing that I feel like we’ve really been able to focus on as a business is ‘how are we talking to our customers? How are we talking to our students?’” – David Paige

Pathways to Successful Living is a small business that runs workshops and courses to help people get more of what they want out of their lives.

Pathways courses are awesome—and people are often interested in taking more than one course. That’s why, on the last day of each course, Pathways offers attendees a discount for their next course.

People signed up for the discount. But they didn’t always follow through—they didn’t become repeat customers.

Pathways needed to:

  • Remind students to complete their registration
  • Make sure people didn’t get messages that weren’t relevant to them
  • Get more students to come back for another class

As a small business, Pathways doesn’t have enough people to manually follow up with every single customer.

So David put together an automation to fill the gap.

The automation that led to 100% retention

“If we were trying to do all of the different parts that we’re utilizing in ActiveCampaign manually, I don’t even think it would possible for us to be able to follow up with our students.” – David Paige

When students sign up for a discount on their next Pathways course, they don’t need to choose the course right away.

While they’re sitting at the end of their last class, they sign up to get a discount—but they don’t choose the date of that course (and finish their registration). For that, they need to follow up online.

pathways retention automation

Of course, not everyone does. That’s where this automation comes into play.

It looks big, but after this automation 100% of people sign up

The automation is triggered by a contact moving to a new deal stage. Then, every week, it sends that contact a reminder—you have a discount! Choose the dates for your next course.

It also does two other things:

  1. Notifies key members of the Pathways team, in case there is time for manual follow-up
  2. End the automation (using a Goal step) if the contact completes registration

It makes sense, right? Everyone of us has fully intended to sign up for something, then not followed through. It happens—people have busy lives, and signing up for a new course isn’t always the first thing on your mind.

That’s what makes this automation so effective.

  • It only targets people who are definitely interested—they’ve already taken one Pathways course and have expressed interest in taking another one
  • It sends reminders without being too pushy. Reminders start at weekly intervals, then move to monthly check-ins.
  • It’s smart enough to stop sending reminders after someone registers

“I turned that from this giant gaping hole and was able to patch that up. And now we have a 100% retention rate.” – David Paige

Pathways didn’t have the time to follow up with each student manually. But they had a hole to fill with their marketing. By using ActiveCampaign to automate follow-up, Pathways is able to register more students—and achieve 100% retention.