Who is LUZ?

LUZ is a lifestyle business that sells templates to business managers. They specialize mainly in Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint themes. The company started selling in Brazil, but have since then launched Ecommerce sites in Spanish and English. Today LUZ has a total of 4 employees who are selling to more than 80 countries! 

What was the problem?

The main goal of LUZ was to become lifestyle business partners to their customers. To achieve this goal they had to automatize 90% of their processes and email marketing routines. They evaluated a number of marketing automation tools such as Hubspot, rd station, Mailchimp, and all-in. The problems they were seeing with these solutions was the ability to fully automate their marketing and the ease of integrations with other tools. The other challenge was the uniqueness of their customer journey. LUZ sells digital products but are neither a classic e-commerce company or software company. The tools that were tested were not capable of serving these particularities and at the same time didn’t work well with the three websites that are in Portuguese, English, and Spanish. 

The CXA Solution

By choosing ActiveCampaign LUZ is now achieving their goal of being lifestyle business partners and even able to create new projects within LUZ to help their customers grow digitally. The bread and butter of LUZ’s solution is their extensive use of automations. The team has been able to create transactional, list cleaning, and manual sending automations to help them achieve their 90% automation goal. Customers are sent marketing campaigns talking about business management challenges if they want to learn more they are then directed to the product pages. Here the LUZ team stimulates the customer to download a demo version of that template, which is then captured as a lead and set on an email automation series. In addition to all of this, the team is also leveraging the easy integrations of Shopify and WooCommerce to send customized data into ActiveCampaign. The customers are then put into customized automations that will lead them to their first purchase or even buy bundles to increase the cart price!