Escape Campervans USA  was founded by Rob Mewton, an entrepreneur, surfer, and traveler from New Zealand. In 2009, Rob made his way to the US and brought a part of his culture with him: Campervans. Today, Escape Campervans has 13 locations, over 600 vans, and the same adventurous spirit that started the whole journey.

Keep reading to learn how Escape Campervans:

  • Outgrew their first email provider — and found a new platform that helped them look to the future
  • Used Customer Experience Automation (CXA) to build a better customer journey

Looking for a future-proof marketing automation partner

As Escape Campervans grew, they planned to grow their email list and lead funnel, too. Their growth strategy included email newsletter signups, popup signups on the site, and giveaways.

They used Mailchimp as their first email provider, and it was a great first step to implement their basic monthly newsletter, some content-based emails, and a couple of automations. But as Escape Campervans started to grow, they began to look for a more intuitive, flexible platform with access to all of the customer data they needed to segment their audience and craft the right messages. They also wanted the ability to track a customer with multiple bookings or reservations in the system under one contact listing.

Maybe most importantly, the Campervans team wanted a platform that let them look to the future — a solution that would help them succeed while integrating and connecting all of the marketing and sales tools they use.

That’s where ActiveCampaign comes in.

Building a better, more connected customer experience with automation

With ActiveCampaign, Escape Campervans says that their customer journey and experience has significantly improved.

About 60% of Escape Campervans’ business comes from organic search. A customer will search for campervans online and find the Campervans website. They look at different vans, check out the blog, or see which locations they can rent from. Escape Campervans then uses Facebook Ads to retarget the customer after they leave the site, with the ultimate goal to keep their brand top-of-mind.

Escape Campervans collects email addresses in 2 ways:

  1. The customer signs up for the Escape Campervans newsletter to receive content about planning a trip
  2. The customer gets a quote, then emails the quote to themselves, which captures the email in the system for Campervans

Customers who request quotes but don’t book right away are put into an “abandoned quote” automation with the end-goal of them making a reservation.

Once customers make a reservation, email communication becomes even more personalized:

pre-arrival series is sent out to the customer before they pick up the van. This series provides content around their pickup location, the model of their van, and things to do in the area. By being proactive with this email series, customers have fewer questions when they arrive to pick up their van. This helps the Campervans team provide a quicker and smoother customer experience.

After the customer returns the van, they’re entered into a post-drop off series that asks the customer to leave a review and provide feedback. The customer is also encouraged to take part in the referral program to earn rewards to use for their next trip.

Outside of the typical customer journey, the Campervans team uses automations to nurture customers by sending relevant content based on the model they rented and the time of year or anniversary of their trip. They also use segmentation to exclude people who have an upcoming booking from their sales emails, so that the team can focus on getting new customers to book their first trip.

Focusing on the journey, not the destination

Since partnering with ActiveCampaign, Escape Campervans has seen:

  • 50% increase in revenue
  • $100 increase in average trip value

What’s next for Escape Campervans?

The team plans to use ActiveCampaign’s CRM and automations to add a loyalty program in the future to reward their most loyal customers. As they continue to grow, they’ll keep their focus on providing the best, most personalized experience possible for every customer — both on the road and off.