Who is City Unscripted?

City Unscripted are currently in 41 cities across 23 different countries and are looking to launch in an extra 6 cities soon. Simply put City Unscripted organizes walking experiences in cities. The ‘unscripted’ part of the company name stands for the fact that everything is tailored to their guests. From particular areas of the city to personal interests, City Unscripted is catered to meet those needs. What makes them unique is that they promise to pair their guests with locals in the city. They want to help people experience the city like they would with a friend who lives there. 

What was the problem?

City Unscripted was using MailChimp to send out their newsletters, but wanted to implement many programs around email. As the company looked to grow and set ambitious targets for growth they needed a platform that was going to be able to follow them through that growth and help them achieve it. They wanted a platform that could do more then send emails but one with automations, integrations, and more functionality. 

The CXA Solution

ActiveCampaign was an easy choice to go with because of the flexibility of the email builder, the ability to send texts to their contacts, and be able to build a lot of automations across the board. With ActiveCampaign, City Unscripted sends out weekly newsletter emails to different audiences. The team has set up different newsletters for customers, or their network of hosts. By doing this, the team makes sure that their customers are receiving relevant content. Automations are also being used to set up different email programs. One example of this is the ‘Welcome Program’ where people can subscribe and get a welcome offer for their first experience. This is city specific, to makes sure that subscribers will get city-relevant content from the city they subscribed to. 

ActiveCampaign has also helped improve the City Unscripted customer journey. Throughout the customer life cycle, touch points are made with date-based emails informing customers about their upcoming experience. This gives the team an opportunity to recommend other experiences that could be of interest to the customer. Most importantly though, when the experience is completed, the team is able to send an email to ask how it all went. This is where Survicate comes in to play and captures the responses and helps the City Unscripted team continue managing the customer experience after. 

With the simple and reliable integration of Survicate and AC, City Unscripted can send out the survey as part of the automation in a time bound manner. This is important for them because it lets them reach out to their guests at the right time. The results of the survey are passed into ActiveCampaign to determine where the contact is going to go next in the teams automations.