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Conversations (Private Beta)

Have real-time conversations with your customers
Conversations is an online chat and email tool (with more channels in development) that helps you connect the conversations you have on your website to the information you have in ActiveCampaign.

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What do you need to create amazing experiences?
(Hint: you might already have it)

You know something about your audience just by being in business. But there’s a difference between knowing what your audience is like as a whole and always knowing what each individual person needs. Conversations help you answer questions like:

  • What businesses are my contacts in?
  • Exactly what topics are they most interested in?
  • Have they downloaded any of my free offers?
  • Have they gotten in touch with me before?
  • Have they gone through nurture series or interacted with my marketing?
  • What communication have they had with my team—chats, messengers, or emails?

Live chat. Email. A unified inbox. All connected to your ActiveCampaign data.

Conversations lets you connect your chat and email information to the contact record you have in ActiveCampaign. That keeps all the sales and support data you need in one place—and helps you give your customers a better experience.

What can you do with Conversations?

Live chat on your website

Live chat on your website

Reply to chat via email

See chat and email history in the unified inbox.

Get chat notifications

And connect chat history to the contact record in ActiveCampaign

Get notified about Conversations

Not a customer? Start a trial Start a trial