How do you show each person what they want?


Here’s how you can personalize content today

How can you show each person what they want to see? Today, personalized content helps you show your customers the right message.

Predictive content

Load in multiple variations of copy into an email and send each customer the content they are most likely to engage with.

Personalization tags

Don’t treat people like a faceless crowd. Personalization tags let you make your messages more personal.

Message variables

Easily customize all your campaigns with message variables. Take the slow, tired work out of updating every message.

The future of content is even more personal

Today, automations aren’t personal enough. We’re changing that – and content is only part of the story.


Send people through the unique sequence that makes sense for them.


Create unique pauses and send times, so that every message arrives at the perfect moment.

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The 6 principles of CX Automation

Automation is stale. These are the guiding principles that will fix it.

Every person should get a unique experience

People are different, and automation should give each person exactly what they need.

You shouldn’t need to start with a blank slate

Smarter automation helps you build, so you don’t need to build everything one at a time.

The perfect experience changes over time

Automations should update themselves, to save you the work of maintaining complex, powerful automations.

You know your business – you should still be in control

You know your customers. You should still be able to add a human touch. Even as automation gets smarter, you still need to be the one who holds the reins.

Ideal experiences change from business to business

Your business is different. Automations should optimize based on the metrics that matter to you – not just generic clicks and opens.

It’s not just messaging – it’s everything that affects your customers

Automation controls more than messages – it manages everything (including your own team) that will affect the customer experience.