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RadHaus.Solutions: Solutions Architect, Implementation, Integration, Marketing Operations, Governance

Jumpstart your marketing programs with much more than a simple web site or social media account. We’ll work together to develop a multi-platform marketing strategy that addresses today’s needs with an eye to your future, designing programs and platforms that evolve as you do — and your market does — while working to meet your business goals.

Our specialty is marketing automation and integrations: we help you not only implement your marketing automation platform with best practices in mind from the outset, we work with you to ensure that your entire organization is in accord with your marketing initiatives, from technical, operational, and business perspectives.

Methodology begins with establishing your strategy, developing and perfecting the design of your marketing automation platform, its components and all of its technical touchpoints; we follow that by collaborating with you to build and execute effective campaigns. It doesn’t stop there, because metrics are important! Multiple Analytics techniques ensure optimal results. Finally, we’ll collaborate on an ongoing Governance strategy, to ensure that your marketing efforts stay on target, remain compliant (including with GDPR and other regulatory requirements), and meet your organization's goals.
We provide our certified consultants education and training on our products so they can better support you, our customers. However, please keep in mind that these consultants are independent companies, so we cannot control or guaranty their quality, competence or performance.