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ActiveCampaign Marketing Automation and Sales Funnel Coaching

Are you working too hard in your coaching or consulting business?

You know that a well-designed automated marketing funnel will help bring a steady stream of leads into your business so that you can focus on selling and making a difference for your clients.

Why hasn't that happened? Is it because you just don't have the time or technical skills to get all that set up?

That's where I come in. I can help you create a roadmap to an automated marketing system that saves you time and makes you money. Our expertise in both the content and technical side of marketing automation allows us to help you compete with the "big dogs" without taking a big bite out of your pocketbook.

We offer "done with you" coaching and implementation packages. We'll roll up our sleeves and teach you and your team as we work with you to set up funnels and automations that will make a huge difference in your business.

Types of clients we typically work with:

* Artists
* Authors
* Coaches
* Consultants
* Speakers
* Online Marketers
* Bloggers

You're a good fit for us if you are...
* Clear on what you do and the problem you solve for clients
* Looking for a long term collaborative marketing partner to help you grow and to grow with you.
* Willing to follow the plan. Automation is a long term game. The best results come to those who are patient.
* Fun to work with. We are :)
* Want a little hand-holding and advice.

You're not a good fit if...
* You don't use Wordpress for your website(s).
* You just need help with ONE thing.
* You want a full-time virtual assistant (we don't do customer support, schedule management, etc.)
* You already have fully developed systems and just are looking for an extra pair of hands to implement.

We provide our certified consultants education and training on our products so they can better support you, our customers. However, please keep in mind that these consultants are independent companies, so we cannot control or guaranty their quality, competence or performance.