ActiveCampaign vs MailChimp

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Carl Taylor

The power of a platform like ActiveCampaign is it’s not just about emails, but is really a platform to allow you to grow your business, manage your leads and your clients too.

Plan Type: Lite
Contacts: 500
Emails/mo: Unlimited
Setup Cost: $0
Email Marketing
Multi-Dimensional Segmentation
Robust Marketing Automation
Annual Plan Discount
Plan Type: Growing Business
Contacts: 500
Emails/mo: Unlimited
Setup Cost: $0
Email Marketing
Basic Segmentation
Limited Marketing Automation

"When I saw what ActiveCampaign had to offer, I switched over almost right away."

– Ashley Gibson from Why I chose ActiveCampaign over MailChimp to Become an Email Marketing Rockstar

How is ActiveCampaign different than MailChimp?

More than just newsletters and email marketing

ActiveCampaign is a full-featured marketing & sales automation platform, in addition to a complete email marketing solution.

Simple and sophisticated

Many people praise MailChimp for its simplicity. ActiveCampaign customers praise us because we've created a simple, intuitive solution that's also powerful and full-featured.

ActiveCampaign grows with you

Many businesses start with MailChimp but quickly outgrow its functionality. ActiveCampaign is a full-featured platform that grows with your company.

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Powerful automation.

Create sophisticated workflows to automate, not only your marketing, but your business processes. You'll see significant time-savings and a boost in your marketing's effectiveness.

Top-rated support.

When you need help, we're here for you. You can submit a ticket or talk to us immediately via live chat. ActiveCampaign users rate our support much higher than MailChimp users rate theirs:

Pay less, get more.

Our Lite plan is slightly less than MailChimp's. This means you're getting more features for less money each month. Also, with ActiveCampaign one email address is one contact... no matter how many lists that contact is on.

"I had a long relationship with MailChimp, that was full of frustration. ActiveCampaign, on the other hand, I love."

– David Kadavy from ActiveCampaign vs MailChimp: Why I switched

ActiveCampaign has the features a growing business needs.

(but you won't find in MailChimp)

Site & Event Tracking

Use contact behavior to send targeted offers and customize follow-up.

Deep Data Integrations

Bring all data in from third party apps and to power your marketing.

Cross-Channel Messaging

Reach your contacts where they are - their inbox, their phone, your site, or your app.

Lead & Contact Scoring

Identify your contact's interests and engagement.

Pre-Built Automations

Choose from dozens of pre-built workflows to suit any requirement, or build your own.

High-Converting Forms

Choose from four form types and tag contacts on submit.

Multi-Dimensional Conditions

Create granular groups by combining hundreds of data points.

Site Messaging

Deliver custom, personalized content to targeted contacts when they visit your site.

Flexible Pipelines

Customize the stages of your pipeline to meet your organization's needs.

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John Lenker

@ActiveCampaign continues to impress me both as a platform and as a company. They play an indispensable role in the #MarketingTechStack.

Josh Hansen

@activecampaign 's new automated campaigns feature is exactly what any digital marketer needs. I'm now switching all my clients to you.


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