Outbound Sequence


You have leads. Your sales team should work those leads. But what does this look like? Should your sales team hunch over a list of leads, desperately trying to get each one on the phone to take a minute and hear about your product. While that’s all well and good, it’s a little “Coffee is for Closers” for us. Why not automating the process while still providing the human touch?

This automation sends a series of 1:1 emails directly from your connected account. When a deal is created, a sequence will kick off automatically, so you can focus on the most engaged deals. At the end of the sequence, we check to see if the deal has reached a point threshold in their lead score and take actions accordingly.

Here’s how Outbound Sequence works:
1. The automation is triggered when a contact has a deal enter a pipeline.
2. The contact comes to a Send a 1:1 email step and has the first email sent from the connected email address.
3. The contact then arrives at a wait step and is held for a week.
4. They move down to another 1:1 email step and have the second outbound email sent.
5. The contact arrives at another wait step and is held for a week.
6. The contact arrives at the third 1:1 email step and has the third outbound email sent.
7. The contact then moves to a If/Else action to see if they have reached a score threshold in their lead score.
8. If they have, they go down the Yes path and a task is created for the deal owner to follow-up.
9. If they haven’t, they go down the No path and an “enter other automation” action adds them to a marketing nurture flow to warm up the lead.

Note: For step 9, you can use our recipe “Marketing Nurture” or choose another lead warming automation of yours for this.

Note: This recipe works well with our recipes Marketing Nurture, Outbound Reply, and 1:1 Email Engagement Tracking - Link Click to provide a complete process.

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