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It would be great if every sales person had just one lead they could focus on and fully understand. It would allow them to personalize on a level you just can’t when you’re juggling a list of leads and news one coming in all the time. You (and your team!) are busy! But with automation, you can automate follow-up tasks, while allowing your sales team to focus on the lead themselves.

Add a reply trigger to help ensure no replies slip through the cracks. When anyone receives a Reply to a 1:1 Email sent in the Outbound Sequence, update the Deal score, move the deal to the “Replied” Stage, and assign a task to the Deal Owner to follow up.

Here’s how Outbound Reply works:
1. The automation is triggered when a contact replies to a 1:1 email. In our example, this is used with our recipe “Outbound Sequence”, but feel free to use this for any sales sequences you may have.
2. The contact has 10 points added to their deal score by an add score action. Feel free to adjust the amount of points added.
3. The contact moves to a “move deal stage” action and has their deal moved to a replied stage in the outbound pipeline.
4. The contact comes to an “add task” action and has a follow-up task to reach out personally to the deal assigned to their deal owner.
5. The contact then arrives at an exit other automation step and is removed from the outbound sequence. Again, we use our recipe “Outbound Sequence” for this, but feel free to include other sales sequences you may be running.
6. The contact exits the automation.

Note: The move deal action in step 3 is our example of how a pipeline and stage could exist. Feel free to move the deal to the stage that makes sense for your business or create a “Replied” stage to house these deals in.

Note: This recipe works well with our recipes Marketing Nurture, Outbound Sequence, and 1:1 Email Engagement Tracking - Link Click to provide a complete process.

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