1:1 Email: Personal Re-engagement


Contacts and deals can grow cold over time. Maybe they think they’ve learned all they can about your product. their purchasing position has changed, or life just starts getting too busy. How can you reinvigorate these deals?

By reaching out to them personally of course!

This automation allows you to automatically reach out to deals as they’re tagged unengaged to start a conversation to re-engage the deal and help them out with whatever issue they may be facing.

Here’s how it works:

1. A deal triggers the automation when they enter the pipeline you specify in the trigger.
2. The deal then moves to a wait step that holds it indefinitely until the contact gains the tag “unengaged”.
3. Once the tag is gained, the deal leaves the wait step and moves to the Send a one to one email step where an email is sent from the connected email address, offering to help with any issue and to re-engage the deal.
4. The automation ends

Note: We use the example of gaining an “unengaged” tag, which we use in our Part 1 and 2 Engagement Tagging recipe, but feel free to adjust to this to however you track engagement.

Note: You can build a goal at the end of the automation for when the deal is marked won or lost, if you want to ensure the deal does not stay in the automation indefinitely if they never become unengaged.

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