CallRail: Missed Call Follow-up


Contacts miss your sales calls. It happens. But you want to ensure you have a follow-up in place to process this correctly. You’ll want to reach out to see why the contact missed your call and track that they may not be as engaged as you’d like. This automation makes this process a snap.

Before importing, set up your CallRail custom object shcema. This automation tags contacts who miss a call, creates a task to reach out, and deducts points from an engagement score when a contact misses one of your sales calls.

Here’s how CallRail: Missed Call Follow-up works:
1. The automation is triggered when the CallRail call is updated with an Answered Status of unanswered.
2. The contact comes to an add tag action that assigns the tag “Missed Call”.
3. The contact then arrives at an add task action, creating a task for the deal owner to follow-up via email to see why the contact didn’t make the call.
4. The contact then comes to an update score action, deducting points from their deal engagement score.
5. The contact exits the automation.

Note: Feel free to build out more actions and messages that make sense with your sales process. You may also want to build other automations triggered by the tag or when a contact reaches a certain score threshold.

Note: You’ll need to set up an engagement score with scoring rules prior to importing this automation.

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