Sell your automations

Make money & introduce your company to our users.

Earn Money

You'll set your own prices and keep 90% of the purchase price. Or, you can give your automations away free. For maximum exposure, you can use free automations to bring attention to your paid automations.

Gain Exposure

If you are a business coach or consultant, this is a great way to introduce our users to your business and services while positioning yourself as an email marketing and marketing automation expert.

Add Value

If you have an app that integrates with ActiveCampaign, creating a complimentary automation is a great way to encourage ActiveCampaign users to check out the app and set up the integration.

The process

Create an automation in your account.

Create a sharing link when it's finished.

Set up a Marketplace account.

Add your product to the Marketplace.

If you have any questions