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How to get more from your marketing reports

Avoid information overload: Which marketing metrics actually matter?

Thursday 30 July 2020

With so many numbers, it’s hard to decide which to analyze. It’s even harder to know what all the numbers are actually telling you. Facing analysis paralysis, you default to the old, reliable email open and click-rates — wishing these numbers told you more.

What metrics actually matter for your business? How do you use that marketing data to make informed decisions — rather than best-guesses?

To answer these questions, you’ll sit down with Christopher Lewis, ActiveCampaign’s Data and Reporting Success Team Subject Matter Expert.

You can download the presentation slide here.


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You'll learn:

We wanted a platform we could go into for reporting and dig deeper. With ActiveCampaign we can go in and look to see how many new users we are getting a month, what trends we are seeing, and the life cycle of a user over time. This helps us be smarter with our emails and make changes if need be.

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