Talk to Facebook Custom Audiences using Form Segmentation Automation Recipe


Another powerful component of ActiveCampaign and Facebook: segmentation.

If you have a group of contacts that want to receive emails about A, you don't want to send them messages about B on another marketing channel. Segmentation helps you make sure people get the right messages.

How? You can:

-Use tags
-Create separate lists
-Use forms and Facebook Custom Audiences

When a contact fills out a form, you can use their form responses to segment them into Facebook Custom Audiences. That way, certain online audiences will only get the messages you want them to get.

This works in tandem with the Form Personalization Follow-up Recipe to segment contacts both in ActiveCampaign and Facebook. Before you import this automation recipe, make sure you set up the Facebook Custom Audience integration.

Use form segmentation to talk to Facebook Custom Audiences with this easy automation recipe.

How does the talk to Facebook Custom Audiences with form segmentation recipe work?

Here's how this automation works:

1. When a contact fills out your form, they will be entered into the automation. Choose a form that contains the field you want to use to segment contacts.
2. A series of If/Else actions will check for the value in a custom field. This value can be used to segment these contacts based on whichever factor you choose.
3. Once the value is met, the contact will go down the Yes path of that If/Else and be added to the corresponding Facebook Custom Audience.
4. Throughout this automation, you can create multiple If/Else conditions to determine which custom field value you want to use to segment contacts into different Facebook Custom Audiences. For example, the first IF/ELSE could have checked for Option 1. A later If/Else condition would check for Option 2, and the next would check for Option 3.

This is a great way to start segmenting contacts from the beginning of their experience. Using the recipe Facebook Custom Audience Retargeting as a follow-up can help ensure that if a contact changes their answer to this custom field, the FCA changes accordingly.

What do you need to use this automation recipe?

Just an ActiveCampaign account, the Facebook Custom Audience integration, a form, and a contact list!

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