Coupon Email Cycle for Customer Engagement Automation Recipe


What makes a contact want to engage with a business?

- Quality products
- Good customer service
- Positive reviews from other customers

All of those things. But one of the biggest incentives is a coupon.

But, if you just give out coupons all of the time for no reason, the incentive is less effective. A lot of the motivation for contacts to engage with your business comes from taking advantage of opportunities that make it extra worth their while.

A coupon based on a contact's engagement level can help generate continued customer engagement. You can track a contact's engagement and decide when to send out an engagement coupon email using lead scores and automation.

To make it easy, there's the coupon email cycle for customer engagement automation recipe.

Reward your most engaged customers to keep them highly engaged. This automation sends out a coupon to contacts that have shown a keen interest through actions such as:

- Clicking links
- Visiting your site
- Making a purchase

When a contact takes action to engage with your business, this automation uses those actions to add points to their lead score. When the contact reaches a certain score, reward them with a coupon and reset their score. Before importing, set up a lead score for this automation.
How does the coupon email cycle for customer engagement automation work?

Here's how this automation works:

1. Each time a contact takes a qualifying action, like making a purchase, they enter the automation
2. They will be awarded a set amount of points towards a lead score. We recommend keeping this score separate from a total engagement score because this score will reset after it meets a set threshold
3. The contact goes to an If/Else action to see if their score total is equal to or greater than the threshold that you set
4. If not, the contact will exit the automation
5. If they do match or exceed the score, the coupon email cycle for customer engagement activates and they will receive an email with a coupon or discount. Once this coupon email is sent, their score will reset back to zero to restart the process of earning another reward.

This is highly customizable automation. Feel free to add or remove triggers for what earns points and adjust the points given and the threshold for a reward.
What do you need to use the coupon email cycle for customer engagement automation recipe?

Just an ActiveCampaign account, lead scoring, and a contact list!

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