AC & Brasil: Ajudando pequenas empresas a crescer usando automação de marketing

AC & Brasil: Ajudando pequenas empresas a crescer usando automação de marketing

When we opened our Sydney office earlier this year, we shared that over 50% of our customers come from outside the United States. Helping small businesses across the world grow has always been important us, and we’re continuing to make it easier for small- and medium-sized businesses to get started with ActiveCampaign.

Specifically, we’ve seen an incredible amount of interest from Latin America, with Brazil being our sixth largest market, growing 40% year over year. It’s not surprising that we’ve grown organically in Brazil as SMBs account for approximately 20% of the country’s GDP. With our focus on small- and medium-sized businesses, we’re uniquely positioned to continue to support the local market, and we’re focused on becoming the marketing automation platform of choice in Brazil.

We’re ready to bring new opportunities to help SMBs access the tools they need to be successful. With new sales and support initiatives in Brazil, including the launch of our Portuguese website and Brazilian Real pricing, we’re eager to make it easier for SMBs see the value in marketing automation.

We’ll continue to find ways to better reach and support SMBs around the world — whether through local workshops, localized content and currencies, or our local communities, like our Brazilian community — to make it easier for them to meaningfully connect and engage with their customers.

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