5 Ways to Streamline Your ActiveCampaign Workflows With Zapier

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This is a contributed post from the team at Zapier.

Update: Zapier named ActiveCampaign as one of their top 10 business software all stars for 2018.

Automation lets you save your bandwidth for the tasks that matter most. Instead of spending countless hours on manual data entry, you can focus on the things that require your expertise and grow your business more efficiently.
ActiveCampaign automates your email marketing, and app automation tool Zapier helps you streamline your workflows between ActiveCampaign and 1,300+ other apps.
Together, ActiveCampaign and Zapier can do things like automatically create contacts from leads and bookings or start an automation when a customer abandons a cart in your eCommerce store. And you don’t need to be tech savvy to get it done: Codeless automations called “Zaps” are simple for anyone to build.
Here are five ways to streamline your ActiveCampaign workflows with Zapier. We’ve included quickstart templates throughout this post so you can get started with one click.

1. Turn Facebook Lead Ads leads into ActiveCampaign contacts

Across industries, Facebook Lead Ads is the often the driving force behind customer acquisition. But getting the leads isn’t enough: You need to nurture them into conversions. Whether you’re setting up an event or selling a product, it can be a challenge to process new leads from successful ad campaigns—unless you automate your way to organization.
Instead of manually transferring each new lead, Zapier can automatically create new contacts or update an existing contact in ActiveCampaign whenever a new lead comes in from Facebook Lead Ads. You won’t have to lift a finger, and you can be sure that promising leads don’t slip through the cracks.

2. Create ActiveCampaign contacts when someone books through Acuity Scheduling

You already save time by having your leads and clients book appointments online. But, of course, the conversation doesn’t end once the meeting is over. After the appointment, you’ll want to continue reaching out to leads and clients with your email marketing.
You could manually add contacts into your system after you’ve met with them, but Zapier will save you the hassle by automatically sending the contact information from your booking to ActiveCampaign. That way, you can seamlessly continue the conversation without wasting valuable time.
Note: Make sure you collect consent to send marketing communications! You can do that at the time contacts schedule their appointments.

3. Create an ActiveCampaign contact whenever there’s a new contact in ClickFunnels

You have better things to do than add your contacts into all your various accounts. And when you’re juggling multiple apps, it’s just too easy to miss a contact—or to add the same one twice.
Zapier can automatically create a new ActiveCampaign contact—or update an existing one—whenever there’s a new contact in your ClickFunnels account. This ensures that contact information is consistent across your accounts, and that no duplicate contacts are created.

4. Add new ActiveCampaign deal tasks to your Bonjoro to-do list

Engaging new customers is key to creating lasting relationships. If you use Bonjoro to send personalized videos to your recently won clients, you can work that task into your workflow automatically.
Instead of having to log the reminder in two places, Zapier will automatically create a task in Bonjoro whenever you add a task to a deal in ActiveCampaign. You’ll be less likely to drop the ball and more likely to keep your customers engaged.

5. Add Ecwid abandoned cart customers as ActiveCampaign contacts and then add them to an ActiveCampaign automation

When a customer abandons a cart on Ecwid, it’s up to you to make them come back and complete the sale. That means you need to upload their contact info and then add them to an email marketing automation to be sure they finish the transaction.
Zapier is able to create multi-step workflows, automatically turning an abandoned cart customer into a contact in ActiveCampaign and then adding that contact to an automation in ActiveCampaign. That way, you can nurture the sale without lifting a finger—and without risking human error in the process.

Your business might use different apps or have different needs—and that’s okay. You can add to these workflows, customize them, or even create your own unique workflows between ActiveCampaign and any of 1,300+ other apps.

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