WordPress Subscription Form Shortcode

Our WordPress integration just got even better! You can now use a shortcode to display your ActiveCampaign subscription form anywhere on your WordPress site (where shortcode syntax is supported).

After configuring our plugin and choosing a subscription form, just type [activecampaign] anywhere you’d like your chosen form to appear, and WordPress will automatically display it in that spot.

Here is an example of the shortcode in a blog post body:

And the resulting output:

Let us know how we can make your WordPress + ActiveCampaign experience even better!

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  • Huge improvement guys, well done! I think the next logical step is to allow greater flexibility on the integration form side; for example:

    1) being able to have a horizontal orientation to the form, which works much better for this shortcode application.

    2) allow the form to inherit the WordPress theme’s CSS

    • MattThommes

      Thanks for your feedback Stephan! We will definitely take a look at implementing those two things.

      • My pleasure!! I sent Adam more detail awhile ago, I’m sure he has it :)

      • Laura Ann Allahverdi

        i would really love this horizontal feature too! or at least to make look a bit nicer than it does, … so after 3 years … ?

        • @lauraannallahverdi:disqus you won’t have to wait much longer. We have a complete rework of the form builder coming very soon.

          • Laura Ann Allahverdi

            Awesome! can’t wait :)

  • Hi Matt – This is great to see. On my current blog I have a permanent active campaign form on the sidebar. As you discussed above I also add html code for my active campaign forms into my blogs. The html for the body of the blog is different from the side bar as it is visually optimized for horizontal viewing.

    I would love to get your opinion on how to incorporate shortcode on my blog. As Stephan hinted at, I am skeptical that the shortcode will work for me, since I customized the HTML for the horizontal orientation of my blogs. Lastly, since I offer a discount code to sign up, the text in the form changes from blog to blog.

    I see your in Chicago, so at least I can give you a blog that’s relevant for you to take a look at:

    • MattThommes

      Hi Brett, I can see the problem if you’ve optimized the form (the width) to fit into the sidebar, and using the shortcode in the main content section would make the form appear too narrow. This is something we can consider improving (either allowing multiple widths or letting you choose multiple forms for each section – sidebar and content).

      The shortcode will always use the form you already chose for the sidebar (including all settings like width, CSS, etc).

      Since you have a more unique case, I would stick with copying/pasting the form code from ActiveCampaign, as that gives you the most control over the appearance of the form. We can definitely consider ways to improve our plugin to adapt to these needs.

      Let me know if I can help.


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