WordPress Plugin Update

We’ve updated our WordPress plugin to make it easier to embed your forms onto a post or page. You can still paste the ActiveCampaign shortcode anywhere, and now you can also choose it from the toolbar:
8wb5ms64j screenshot2013 12 06at2.58.55pm
The form you click will appear as a shortcode in the post body. This way you don’t need to know the form ID, or copy/paste the shortcode from the settings page.
iu2v3nuo screenshot2013 12 06at3.05.08pm
Note: You’ll still need to connect to your ActiveCampaign account from the settings page and choose what forms you want to use.
When the page is loaded on the public side, the subscription form will appear in place of the shortcode!
wnv2b8mn screenshot2013 12 06at3.11.38pm
Let us know if we can improve our WordPress integration any further.

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