WordPress Integration Update

We’ve updated our WordPress plugin to allow use of the shortcode (to embed a subscription form) without requiring that the widget be enabled (and dragged to a sidebar). This was a common complaint as most users just want to quickly embed a form into a blog post or page without having to also put the form in the sidebar.
There’s a new settings page that shows up in WordPress that provides similar options that appear through the widget:
gpx9hksw screenshot2013 08 29at11.32.46am
Anywhere you want your chosen subscription form to appear just use the [activecampaign] shortcode.
nmikcxjx screenshot2013 08 29at11.38.07am
If you want to customize the appearance of your subscription form, you do all that in the ActiveCampaign “Integration” section, then update the settings in WordPress again (the changes will then come across).
Let us know of any questions or problems!

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