Championing Women’s Equality at ActiveCampaign

Today, August 26th, the US celebrates Women’s Equality Day. It acknowledges the passing of the 19th amendment, guaranteeing women the right to vote*. Since 1920, Women’s Equality Day has evolved to acknowledge the unique struggles that women—particularly women of color—still face today. From wage inequality, access to equal job opportunities, and economic inequality, Women’s Equality Day celebrates the achievements of the women’s rights activists who came before us. 

*It’s also worth acknowledging that even though the 19th amendment was ratified in 1920, years and decades of struggle to include Native Americans, Chinese immigrants, Black Americans, trans individuals, and other minority women continued in the campaign for equal voting rights. Many women were not granted the right to vote even in the 20th century because of discriminatory state voting laws.

On this day, and throughout the year, ActiveCampaign relies on our women employees, allies, and Women of AC employee resource group (ERG) to provide a safe, equitable work environment across our global hubs. Throughout this week, our teams organized a variety of programs that help elevate the unique experiences of women and bring to light experiences of inequality, as well as solutions to combat instances of inequality. 

“What is equity” with Dr. Kim Everett 

Through our guest speaker series, ActivePerspectives, we hosted Dr. Kim Everett, Managing Director at the Partnership for College Completion. Dr. Everett began her work in equity and inclusion in student affairs 25 years ago and most recently served as the Director at the Office of Multicultural Student Success at DePaul University. 

Dr. Everett hosted a panel discussion with members of the ActiveCampaign community about what equity and equality mean across generations and how intersections of identity impact access to equity. 

Advocating for Equality Panel 

In partnership with our DEI team, our Women of AC ERG hosted an internal panel discussion on advocating for women’s equality with key insights and advice on lifting up your voice, promoting accomplishments, and championing for yourself and other women. This discussion focused on areas such as pushing for promotions, navigating working in male-dominated fields, and encouraging more female financial literacy.

Supporting Women’s Equality Year Round

As part of our robust company benefits, we provide all new moms with 16 weeks of maternity leave to ensure they have the time and space they need to care and bond with the newest member of their family. When we asked Senior PR Manager, Jennifer Amin, how she has experienced equality here at ActiveCampaign, here’s what this new mom had to say: 

My manager was extremely supportive of me taking my full maternity leave, and my team welcomed me back eagerly while also giving me space and time to adjust to my new normal. There were even senior leaders across the organization who checked in on me during my first week back, which made me feel welcomed and that I could bring this new dimension of myself to work.”

In addition to health benefits, we also provide a variety of learning and development programs so our team can expand their skill set within their area of expertise and beyond. 

“I have had the honor of working with many talented women at ActiveCampaign who have been incredibly supportive, especially as I decided to make a radical career shift after my first year. My engineering team is split 50/50 between men and women, and includes female leadership. I’ve never felt that my gender was even an issue in my career path like I have at previous organizations,” says Meghan, a Software Engineer.

At ActiveCampaign, we’re committed to building an inclusive company culture and that means celebrating the efforts of our women employees. They bring our core value of cultivating inclusion and diversity to life. We believe all women deserve a seat at the table, and we’re committed to making that a reality for our ACers now and the future.

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