We recently received a comment that exemplifies a lot of the fears that beginning email marketers have:

If I do use software such as 1-2-All, isn’t my IP being shown to my ISP as sending out many, many emails. Won’t I therefore be shut down? I need to send out about 250 per day. I know that legally a spammer must attempt to hide his identity and (not or) be deceptive. I want to do neither, in fact my letterhead includes name, address, phone, email, etc. in every email. I am hardly a spammer. However, the ISP’s think that any email sent out from a hitherto unknown sender is spam. Perhaps socially yes, legally no. Regardless of the legal innocence of my actions, I need to get the word out. How do I do it?
Your response will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your excellent question, Frank. I hope this answer will clear things up for you.
You are correct that many ISPs will assume you are spamming if you start sending out a large volume of emails through your normal SMTP email server. It is generally not recommended, for example, to start sending large volume email advertisements through your Comcast, Time Warner, AOL, or similar email account, because doing so may jeopardize your ability to continue using the account normally for your own personal email. At the very least, you should check the terms of use before even considering using your primary email service for bulk email sending.
By default, ActiveCampaign Email Marketing software will send your messages directly from your web server. Depending on which web hosting company you use, this is often considered more acceptable use of your service. However, there will usually be limitations to the number of messages you can send. Many web hosts will limit you to 250, 500, or 1000 messages per day.
It is important to contact your web host prior to starting an email marketing campaign to find out what the limitations of your service are. You can easily configure our software to throttle its sending rate so that you do not exceed your account limits. The reason you need to do this first is because many servers will not report any error when failing to send messages beyond your quota, so it won’t be possible to go back and determine who did or did not receive your message.
Many web hosts also have additional packages available for purchase which will allow you to send a greater number of emails more quickly. If you are using a quality web host, then this will often be a very solid option for sending out your email campaigns.