Widgets In Help Desk

We have introduced widgets into our line of software products – most recently our latest version of Help Desk. Widgets are portable chunks of code that are displayed and executed in various sections of the software. Consider widgets to be miniature “apps” that run inside of your ActiveCampaign software.
Some examples of widgets are:

  • Mini calendar
  • My user activity at-a-glance
  • Static “Welcome” message

20100905 1
Widgets are configurable for both the public and admin sections of our software.
20100905 2
Depending on the section, widgets can be displayed and executed in different spots:
20100905 4
Widgets are useful for just about any type of content or integration you’d like to include in your Help Desk software – from static or dynamic HTML, images, and text – to completely interactive and customizable content.
For example, you could display an RSS feed of content:
20100905 5
Or an <iframe> of any URL:
20100905 7
Help Desk comes installed with pre-configured widgets, and you can also add your own! We will provide more information very soon on where to go to submit new widgets, and download available ones.
If you’re a developer wanting to get a head-start creating widgets – the process could not be easier. We have provided some basic instructions for getting started creating your own widgets. If you’re familiar with how plugins work in WordPress, you should feel right at home with ActiveCampaign widgets.
Here is an example configuration panel for a widget:
20100905 6
Be sure to check out our entire section of help docs for widgets for other resources and information.
We’ll also be introducing plugins very soon, which can be administered like widgets, but allow for much more software customization.
We have some exciting plans for widgets, and we’re interested in seeing how widgets evolve and become a crucial part of our Help Desk software!

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