Why We Encourage Our Employees to Drink the “ActiveChampagne” 

Illustration using AC platform

You might have heard companies use the phrase we “eat our own dog food” to imply they actually use the product they’re selling. This phrase helps add credibility and trust in a brand, as you might think, “Well, it’s good enough for them, it’ll work for me, too.”

Here at ActiveCampaign, we believe in the power of our platform to support the needs of  different types of businesses of various sizes… including our own. Well, we don’t “eat our own dog food,” but instead, we “drink our own champagne…” ActiveChampagne. 😉

Not just for special occasions

Our employees use our platform to aid the day-to-day support of our 150K+ global customers and prospects, but it’s not enough. We want our team to explore the platform outside their day-to-day work and uncover ways ActiveCampaign can power their own businesses. (Yes, many of our employees are entrepreneurs themselves!) We also encourage our employees to get creative and explore how to automate everyday life chores. 

Earlier this year, we launched an internal campaign called “AC for Me,” encouraging all employees to dig into their personal ActiveCampaign accounts and uncover new and unique use cases. This hands-on experience allows us to see what our customers see and uncover areas of improvement, as well as moments of value. 

For this contest, we emphasized ActiveCampaign doesn’t just power businesses, it can power various aspects of your life—even planning your wedding! We encouraged those who might not own a small business to think of unique ways ActiveCampaign can simplify everyday tasks:

  • Use the CRM to automate building your next grocery list
  • Create lists of family members with various custom fields to ensure you never miss a birthday or anniversary again
  • Build a landing page to register guests for your next family reunion

Our platform is robust AND flexible, and we wanted people to get creative with it. 

Bring on the bubbly

The entries we received from the team were incredible! Use cases ranged from building automations to help our management team better engage with and celebrate their teams, using our integrations with Zapier and Google to build a daily Wordle-like game for the family, and building out various pipelines to better manage their kid’s weekly activities schedule. 

Now, let me introduce you to our winners and highlight their use cases: 

Josh Jackson – Customer Enablement Specialist 

Josh developed multiple pipelines to track his children’s milestones.  Automations created to trigger email sends to the kids and send Birthday messages.  

Mariane Boschetti – Jr. Affiliate Manager, Brazil 

Mariane leveraged ActiveCampaign to help power her Mom’s small business for citizenship recognition. Her build includes a personalized form via a landing page and deals creation to better track customer info. 

Elio Silva – Product Support Coach, EMEA 

Created a use case to better document incomplete escalations on his team, and improve the overall feedback loop.

One of our core company values here at ActiveCampaign is to “Make the Customer a Hero.” When our employees have first-hand experience of how our platform works and its various use cases, we can effectively and authentically support the needs of our customers and quickly get them to  value… because we drink our own champagne. 

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