What’s new in CXA? Transactional email, an improved forms experience, and custom object enhancements!

It’s an exciting time to be an ActiveCampaign user right now. With our recent acquisition, to the continued releases that support custom objects, our commitment to providing exceptional experiences continues. Let’s dive into some of the latest announcements and releases that help you scale while using ActiveCampaign, and see how your daily use of the platform will be elevated.

Special announcement: ActiveCampaign provides transactional email through Postmark! 

Last week, we announced some very exciting news: we have acquired transactional email provider Postmark! Transactional email is necessary for businesses to send customers 1:1 information such as order confirmations, password resets, etc. 

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ActiveCampaign’s acquisition of Postmark means that marketers, sales teams, project managers, and anyone else that would benefit from the power of transactional messaging will be able to communicate with their customers via the multi-step automation builder. Learn more about the impact of transactional messaging and how CXA plays a big part. 

Seamless interaction between your forms and landing pages

Through ActiveCampaign’s collection of web and email tools, you can leverage your website as a channel that turns visitors into valuable leads, ultimately growing your audience and business. Communicate with customers across channels and across their journey, serving up the best content for them based on what you learn from their actions.  

Last month, we added a new form block in Pages called “Inline Form”. Whenever you drag this block on the Pages canvas you will see a list of the inline ActiveCampaign forms you have created previously in the forms builder. 

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In a major step towards improving the forms experience, we have also retired Pages subscription forms. Don’t worry, if you already have existing subscription forms you can still edit and make updates to them. This drastically improves the connection between forms and Pages, no longer requiring you to add code using the embed block. 

Added security and access to the mobile app

Both iOS and Android users are now able to login to the ActiveCampaign mobile app using SSO. If you have SSO set up for your account, both the ActiveCampaign and Conversations mobile apps will display a webview and allow users to authenticate via SSO (e.g. Okta). This improves security and your login experience across devices. 

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New ways to model and manage your data using custom objects

A business is only as strong as their data, and ActiveCampaign allows you to not only clearly manage and organize your data, but our CXA platform allows you to quickly take action on that data. With custom objects, you can identify what data matters most to your goals, audience, and use cases and automate specific tasks or communications based on the tools you use every day. 

Create your own custom objects on Accounts & Deals

We’re excited to announce a recent update to custom objects that lets you create dynamic relationships between Accounts or Deals and any data you use to run your business such as meetings, support tickets, events, and more.

CO Body

This update further contextualizes your CRM by bringing more of the data you use to power your business directly into your Account and Deal records. When you incorporate your unique business data through custom objects, your CRM becomes more accurately modeled to your business process – which leads to more closed deals and accelerated growth.

Enterprise customers can create their own custom objects directly within the ActiveCampaign platform – no coding expertise required.


Modify and add field options for custom objects

We’re continuing to invest in the end user experience for Custom Objects. As you continue to create their own custom objects, we aim to provide you with a consistent experience across custom and standard objects (contacts, accounts, and deals).

You can now modify field options, add additional field options, and modify your default currency for a currency field. Any eligible reseller accounts will be able to access custom objects “Manage Data” page through the navigation.

Change the display order of custom object fields

Within each custom object, you can now change the order of fields as they’re displayed. This can be done in the data manager (in Settings) by an admin, and is set for all users on an account. This will not impact anything related to the API or other capabilities associated with custom objects.

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Customers should not be stuck with the original order of custom object fields. Regardless if the custom object is an app or their own internal custom object, different customers have different needs and preferences, and changing the order of custom fields gives each customer the flexibility to prioritize the fields they need to see first.

Microsoft Dynamics opportunities sync with custom objects

We’re unlocking new data models for our customers so they can truly bring their tech stack together with ActiveCampaign. Dynamics Opportunities are now available within our direct integration to support stronger marketing and sales alignment than ever before by triggering automations and adding more personalization in their outreach to customers.


What’s new for Automations? 

It’s no secret that automation is at the heart of everything we do at ActiveCampaign. Our mission is to help you deliver amazing experiences to each and every customer, and to do so without spending endless hours each and every day inside a platform. That mission continues with an enhanced Wait action inside the automation workflow builder. 

Wait actions are very important to users’ ability to send the right message at the right time, and are especially important when they are configured with a specific Date/Time condition (ex. wait until 5PM CST). Wait steps with a time condition make up  roughly 75% of all Wait actions that exist across all active automations — with over 150,000 customers using ActiveCampaign, that’s a lot of automations. Because of this, we made some changes in how we process these actions against other types of Wait and Goal actions.

Wait Body

Goals will still always process first but, after that we now prioritize time-based Wait actions given that they are fairly simple to calculate and process. The results of this change will vary from account to account but, in our largest accounts we saw a 50% improvement in performance and timeliness of Goal & Wait processing.

What you can look forward to from ActiveCampaign

How does ActiveCampaign make sure you’re up-to-date on new releases, customer requests, and the newest best practices? By giving you multiple options to get the information you need, in the ways that best suit you. 

  • Timely and easy to use product updates. Our product updates page has a weekly release schedule so you can quickly catch up on which new product enhancements are most relevant to your business. 
  • Email updates that keep you in the know. Stay up to date with weekly updates about new releases and enhancements to favorite tools. 
  • A customer community to support your growth. The ActiveCampaign Community is a unified space for you to get advice, network with other users, earn rewards, and get access to new product updates and features. 

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