What’s New In ActiveCampaign 5.4

We are happy to announce ActiveCampaign 5.4.  This update will give you an idea on our continually evolving product direction and our focus on making email marketing easy for small businesses.

Here is a quick overview of what you can expect with ActiveCampaign 5.4:

New user interface & theme

When you login after being upgraded to 5.4 you will notice a brand new interface.

New subscription form editor

Creating subscription forms has never been easier with our drag and drop form editor.  Add fields, change text, re-order options, add custom HTML or images, and more.  You can even set a forms theme all while previewing live what the form will look like to your end users.

New Facebook subscription forms

With the rise of social marketing it is critical to integrate your email marketing efforts with your social media strategy.  One way of doing that (in addition to our built-in social tools) is to embed a subscription form on your Facebook page.

While many services offer a similar capability we have created a process that could not be easier.  Go to a form, click add to Facebook, and select the page from a dropdown containing all your pages.  Simple as that!

New real-time activity stream

Our users always tell us how they become addicted to our campaign reports and watching the interactions stream in from a single campaign.

We have taken the idea of live interaction data one step further with our real-time activity stream.  Watch as people open your campaigns, talk about your campaigns on Facebook & Twitter, subscribe to your lists, and more!

New status alert system

Your campaigns can be critical for your overall marketing objectives.  Thus if there is anything you should be aware of (such as campaigns requiring your attention, limits being reached, etc..) it is essential you know about it right away.   With our new status alert system you will be notified whenever your attention is needed or there is critical information you should know about.

New automatic template, campaign, and subscription form previews

We find most marketing platforms all end up looking the same.  Lists of text, numbers, and other data.  To help you find what you are looking for faster we are bringing previews of your campaigns, templates, and subscription forms into the work flow.  As you create templates, campaigns, and subscription forms we start to show screenshot previews to help you pick what you need when you need it.

Updated external services & new integrations

We love integrating with the services that you use to run your business.  Our new external services page highlights the various integrations we have available and guides you through using each integration.

Version 5.4 includes an updated Shopify integration and our new SurveyMonkey integration.

Updated subscriber field manager

Custom subscriber fields provide the data to make segmenting, personalization, and subscriber actions powerful tools.  Setting up new fields is considerably easier with our updated custom subscriber field page.  Additionally we now make it possible to create custom fields from the subscriber import process and the subscription form editor.

Updated campaign creation process

When creating a campaign you will see an improved campaign creation process featuring our new header that will allow you to save, continue along the process, and always know what step you are currently editing within.

Updated forms & public page management

Along with our custom subscription form editor we now make it possible to build & customize every public facing page.  From subscription confirmations, unsubscription confirmations, the forward to a friend pages, campaign archive pages, and more.  Add custom content, adjust the theme, and more.

Updated template category management

Previously we had static template categories.  You were unable to add new categories or edit the existing category names.  With version 5.4 you can tag your templates into any template categories that you choose.  Create your own, re-categorize existing templates, and more.

Other new features & adjustments:

  • Subscription Form Segmenting
    You can now segment campaigns by the subscription form they subscribed (or did not subscribe) from.
  • QR Codes for subscription forms
    You can now download QR Code images to use in your marketing that will direct people to your subscription form when they scan the code with their mobile device.
  • Opt-In’s
     Opt-in emails are now directly related to subscription forms only.  You may only add “unconfirmed” subscribers (subscribers that would be sent an opt-in) from a subscription form.
  • Duplicate Subscribers
    We no longer support the option that allowed duplicate subscribers in a single list.  You can still of course have the same subscriber in different lists – you just can’t have the same subscriber duplicated within a single list.  When you are upgraded to 5.4 we will remove duplicates and retain your oldest/most accurate subscriber record.
  •  Remember Me (on login page)
    The “remember me” option has been adjusted to be “remember my username”  For security reasons we are no longer offering saved logins.
  • Opt-Out Emails
    Emails sent to confirm an unsubscription are no longer supported as we believe in a single & hassle free unsubscribe process.
  • Public Dashboard / Landing Page
    The public dashboard that had subscribe, unsubscribe, update, and archive options has been removed.  All options still exist – we just don’t have a default landing page that links to all these options.   By default we will now show a subscription form (of your choice) or redirect to the admin login page.
  • API
    We have removed the following methods starting in version 5.4: form_add, form_delete, form_delete_list, and form_edit. The following methods are still available, but are deprecated in favor of new methods: form_list (use form_getforms instead) and form_view (use form_html instead).
  • You will also soon be required to use a new API URL and API Key in place of the username and password, which we are slowly phasing out.
  • The “require opt-in” user group setting has been removed at this time due to structural changes of how opt-ins now work.
  • Users can only belong to a single user group
  • We now show the number of subscribers obtained by a subscription form on the subscription form list page
  • The downloaded version (that installs on your own server) will require PHP 5.2 or above

Note: At this time 5.4 is currently still being slowly rolled out to hosted accounts.  A downloaded (server-based) version of 5.4 is not quite ready yet – but a beta will be available in the near future.

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  • Josh

    Great but we are tired of design changing. Why cant you add new function without changing the interface?

    • Jason

      We will do whatever we feel is needed for the direction of the product. New features does not always equal better.

      With that being said we have quite a number of new features with 5.4 and we don’t expect the overall design to adjust (to this degree) in the near future.

      • I for one applaud your design changes. Much more modern and clean. Continue pushing to design wherever it needs to go.

      • Scott Kappler

         Hi, will this affect the API and inner workings? I have a developer working on some things now and want to be sure 5.4 will not change what we are doing… Thanks

        • jvandeboom

          Most calls are not affected.   The main API change has to do with forms — which the API now has limited control over.  Due to the forms complexity with our form builder you can only add subscription forms from the admin interface.

          We are updating the API docs at (http://www.activecampaign.com/api/) currently.  What you see there is 5.4 related at this point.

  • What is the release date for downloaded version?

    Near future means days, weeks, months?


    • Jason

      We do not have a date at this time. We have a lot more to check with the downloaded version (as we don’t control the server environment with downloaded) I would say no sooner than weeks. Really all depends on how long our internal testing & work takes and what we encounter during that process.

      • Corey

        Hi Jason, any update on when the new version will be released for download?

        • jvandeboom

          No date yet.  As hosted & downloaded are essentially different products we need to port over select changes, test, etc.. Thus the delay.  It is getting close though.

          • Silvio

            Any update regarding the release time?

  • Joomla integration is supported for version 2.5? What is the integration breakdown? Can you explain in more detail this Joomla module or plugin?

    • Hi Carlos, here is our help doc about Joomla:


      As Joomla 2.5 was just released, we have not tested our integration with it, but it should work fine. We plan to test thoroughly soon, to make sure it works in 2.5.

      Let us know if we can help.


  • Is it possible to obtain the spanish language files or the english 5.4 language files so I can start working on the 5.4 spanish translation for Mexico?


  • Joshua

    These new features are going to bring a whole new level to email marketing, and will save most of us so much time! Can’t wait for the downloaded version of this :-)

    Good work AC!

  • Eugeni

    Opt-in emails are now directly related to subscription forms only. You may only add “unconfirmed” subscribers (subscribers that would be sent an opt-in) from a subscription form.

    Does it mean that subscribers ALWAYS should confirm their subscription? There will be no way to add them without it?

    • Jason

      In general practice you should always have new subscribers confirm their subscription.

      This change however made it so you cannot import unconfirmed subscribers — meaning any import is set to active subscribers without an opt-in as your opt-in needs to take place when you originally obtain the subscriber – not at time of import.

      • Joshua

        Hi Jason,

        I understand that double opt-in is now required for the hosted version…

        But what about for those that will use the “downloaded” version when it comes out? There are still legitimate reasons in why one might require the use of single opt-in when importing instead of using the now required double opt-in. And as we download users would use our own or other external SMTP servers, will AC let us choose which opt-in method to implement?


        • Jason

          I think you are mis-reading this a bit. The change is that you cannot import people as un-confirmmed. You can only import as active. Meaning we do not send opt-ins during import.

          • Joshua

            Hi Jason,

            I understand now. Guess I was worried for no reason.

            Thanks for the clarification!

  • Matt Allen

    A question on the opt-in. Is it still possible at use the API to send an opt-in. We have several php forms where we get a contacts information, for example a donation form, or checkout form, where we provide the option to receive updates. We currently use the API to add these contacts to a list and use the send optin option made availabe through the API, is this option still available in the new build?

    • jvandeboom

      Ya – you would specify a form ID as part of the API call to do that.

  • Alexander

    Hi, really looking forward to the 5.4 downloaded.
    And, As others also have mentioned, keep up the good design work. The new one looks a lot more “to-date”.

    Any indication (weeks vs months) on the downloaded would be much appreciated.


    • jvandeboom

      A very limited beta of the next version of the on-site edition (downloaded) will likely go out within a couple weeks to a small set of beta testers. No date on a stable or full beta at this time though.

  • Any release date update on the downloaded version?


    • jvandeboom

      A very limited beta of the next version of the on-site edition (downloaded) will likely go out within a couple weeks to a small set of beta testers. No date on a stable or full beta at this time though.

  • Gene

    Did you guys forget about us download version customers? What’s the future of the download version? Should we be looking other solutions??

  • JamesTrix

    Also wanting for the download version to be updated we see heaps of updates for the hosted version but nothing about the downloaded version. I wish the same amount of time was spent on the downloaded version as the hosted version.

  • Olivia, your best bet is to send an email to help@activecampaign.com with your account name and details on that so we can look into it with you.