What You Need to Know to Make Your Mindbody Integration with ActiveCampaign a Success

What You Need to Know to Make Your Mindbody Integration with ActiveCampaign a Success

This post was contributed by Joe Morales, an ActiveCampaign Certified Consultant.

MINDBODY is a popular choice to run many fitness- and health-focused businesses. And with good reason. But let’s be honest, MINDBODY gives you everything you need to run your business so long as you know:

  • Which box(es) to check
  • Which report(s) to print out
  • Which client(s) to tag

And at some point, you realize that—just like a frantic switchboard operator from the ‘50s—you’re struggling to keep up. Moving information back and forth, plugging in this to that… Arrgh!

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So how do you scale and build a strong business? How do you stay afloat?

Fast forward through every blog post and support article you can find regarding every tool in the MINDBODY Marketplace… you’ve decided to go with ActiveCampaign.

How do you use ActiveCampaign and MINDBODY together to see success?

Here’s the short answer – Simplify the process and automate where you can.

Here’s what you need to know—and what you need to do first—before you connect ActiveCampaign to your MINDBODY account.

1. You’ll still need to click this and tag that

And you’ll need to understand which MINDBODY fields sync with ActiveCampaign. This is very important.

I use the word understand because, as illustrated below, most fields that sync directly to ActiveCampaign must first be manually created in MINDBODY by either you or your customer.

So no matter what you do, you’ll still need to manually adjust customer data in either MINDBODY or ActiveCampaign. This also means you will likely have to use field values, and not tags, as your starting triggers.

The MINDBODY fields that sync to ActiveCampaign are:

  • First Name (system field)—Manually Added
  • Last Name (system field)—Manually Added
  • Phone Number (system field: first check for “mobile” phone, then “work” phone, then “home” phone)—Manually Added
  • Email Opt-In (custom field: whether or not customers have the “Subscribe to email reminders & notifications” setting checked in their profile)—Manually Added
  • Promotional Email Opt-In (custom field: whether or not customers have the “Subscribe to our newsletter & promotions” setting checked in their profile)—Manually Added
  • Client Status (custom field: “Member” or “Non-Member”)*—Auto Added only for the system defaults
  • Client Indexes (these translate to traditional custom fields in ActiveCampaign)—Manually Added
  • Custom Fields (fields created in MINDBODY are mapped into ActiveCampaign custom fields)—Manually Added

2. Think outside the box

ActiveCampaign is not just for marketing. You can automate and streamline your repetitive tasks and analytics with features like pipelines or goals. Use field values as the triggers for these automations.

You can create a sales and retention pipeline that measures how many new clients you acquired versus how many have stopped coming per month.


3. If you don’t see it, build it

Organize your most important MINDBODY data the way that makes sense for you. You can leverage custom fields and groups to do this. If the data you’re looking for doesn’t sync, you can download it from MINDBODY and upload it into ActiveCampaign.

Group the data so that you can easily find it and work with it when you need to. For example, maybe create a field group called “Birthdays and Anniversaries” or “Workshops and Events.”

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4. Don’t fight the template

Since you aren’t auto-syncing any data from MINDBODY that can be considered auto-added (like client types or pricing options), then you’ll have to automate after the sale.

Think about, for example, if there is a “Drop-In” client. Ask yourself how you can adjust your intake process and get the information you want and need sent into the ActiveCampaign sync. In this example, maybe create a custom field in MINDBODY called CustomerType.


5. Don’t be afraid to ask for help

From ActiveCampaign or experts like us! We are MINDBODY Channel Partners and ActiveCampaign Certified Consultants. We will help you clean up your MINDBODY data, connect with ActiveCampaign and launch your marketing automation.

NOTE – You will most likely never see a “Client Status = Member” in ActiveCampaign. The main two Client Status labels imported into your ActiveCampaign dashboard are “Active” and “Non-Member.” So, if you have clients purchasing drop-in passes or class passes, and they are not on some type of membership, ActiveCampaign will label them as “Non-Member.”

Joe Morales and Amy McCarthy of McRales help small businesses realize fast, provable growth by creating repeatable marketing recipes that get results. They specialize in marketing strategy, web design and development, marketing campaign management, social media marketing, email marketing, social media advertising.

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