What I’ve Learned During My ActiveCampaign Internship

What I’ve Learned During My ActiveCampaign Internship

Joining ActiveCampaign as an intern gives me the opportunity to work hands-on in a professional environment. As an intern, I’m not just here to get coffee or run errands. I’m here to gain actual work experience.

Internships help by teaching me more about the career path I’m pursuing.

Think of it like this – internships are a way to test drive possible jobs and explore different career options. I have been interning at ActiveCampaign for 6 months now. Over the months I’ve learned different skills, improved my communication, and learned about different tools used in a professional environment, and I am excited to share what I have learned with you.

My internship has allowed me to network by attending events, participating in meetings, and working with lots of ActiveCampaign employees. By interacting with professionals you gain new connections and learn how to communicate in a professional environment. I’ve learned that certain words, such as “cool,“ are not really preferred in professional environments. Listening in on a sales call, I noticed the sales rep used filler words such as “cool” and “perfect” when talking with a customer. I learned from my mentor that these filler words are not preferred when speaking business; with a customer as we were listening to a recording of a call, the sales rep used cool to fill in the conversation. I have also learned to talk professionally when amongst my co-workers. Some of my co-workers are ok to talk to in a regular tone, but when speaking to a guest to our company, and maybe new employees, I learned to speak professionally, so that I represent my company correctly. This means no matter what my mood is at the time, I’m happy and eager to give people an insight on what ActiveCampaign does. Speaking professionally is important because it shows the type of environment you work in and shows how seriously you take your work. It shows you respect your co-workers and the company itself. When I spoke about a presentation I did on ActiveCampaign, I made sure I spoke professionally and clearly, because I want to make sure I represent us right and show how good we are.

I have learned some skills and tips when presenting in a professional environment. I was told that it’s best to make eye contact with your viewers while you’re presenting, because this keeps them engaged in your presentation; I have also learned that you shouldn’t have a lot of information on your slides. You should have a couple key points that you plan on focusing on, then speak to your audience (not word for word from the slides, but you can use note cards as a guide). To sum up your presentation, you ask your audience if they have any questions. If not, you end with an “Thank You.” These skills are important to keep in mind because they keep your audience interested, show them that you take pride in your work, and let them know that you know what you’re talking about.

My internship has introduced me to a lot of useful resources that help me communicate, such as Gmail, Google Calendar, and even Slack. I’ve learned how to send professional emails to my coworkers. Before learning about professional emails, my emails would be very long; when I was taught a more efficient way, my boss showed me how to keep it short but informational. I also learned about Google calendar. ActiveCampaign has taught me how to schedule meetings with other co workers, and how to view their availability for any of the times that you’re booking. This helps when you want to plan ahead for incoming weeks, because you don’t want to book a meeting on a time they can’t attend. Slack is a way to communicate also; it is a professional messaging app that the whole company uses to communicate. At ActiveCampaign, Gong is an important resource for some sales reps. Gong is a website that ActiveCampaign uses to record all of their calls with customers and do on-demand coaching. It tells them who talked the most throughout the call, and gives them feedback on how to make the next call better. Using different tools helps you expand your horizons, and can help you improve your work or possibly give you different ideas.

Internships can even provide you with professional mentors. Mentors are here to help guide you through your internship and teach and help you through the experience. Your mentors are going to be employees of the company, and they are there to help you grow and teach you more. Having a mentor prepares you for beyond college because having a mentor is like having a boss, but your mentor is there to teach you the do’s and don’ts for your life. Being in the email marketing department gave me the opportunity to meet a variety of professionals in my field and gain advice and knowledge from them; I’ve worked with Lauren and Benyamin who are professional blog writers here at ActiveCampaign, and they have both taught me about different writing skills and how to use key points when starting a blog. My Bosses Dathan and Elodie have taught me different skills and techniques in a professional environment. I have been taught how to improve my writing with certain grammatical symbols; the semicolon and the colon have become my best friends throughout this journey. Before learning how to use these , I would tend to have a lot of run on sentences without any punctuation, but being taught how to use these symbols has improved my writing a great deal. I’ve learned how to schedule meetings on Google calendar and they even helped me build and improve my LinkedIn account; this has been important because LinkedIn is a good way to network with coworkers and other businesses.

Internships can be beneficial in so many different ways, one of them being helping you manage your time better. I used to be the worst at managing my time. I would barely meet the deadline date for school assignments because I would always put something off, and say “I’ll do it later.” Now I want to get things done before the given deadline. You’re given deadlines for certain work projects, creating meetings, scheduling phone calls. Being on time is also important because it shows that you’re committed and ready to work. You’ll learn every minute counts.

Internships are stepping stones for your future as they set the foundation for your career. It’s important to choose internships based on your interests and career prospects so you know what the environment is like. If you are unsure about the career path you’ve chosen, the job you are interning at can teach you more than just that skill. Professional skills go beyond just one job, they can be used anywhere you work! This goes back to networking; even if the internship isn’t what you want for your career, meeting new people can get you connections that will help later. I was placed in a marketing automation internship even though writing is something that I want to do. Working at ActiveCampaign has made me develop an interest in marketing.

Internships can be used as a recruitment tool to find future employees, and you could possibly earn a job. When you’re working at your site and they see that you’re doing a fantastic job, at the end of the internship they may want to keep you and have you work full-time for them. Then your future’s looking bright and good because of this internship. Some people may see an internship as a temporary job, but if you work hard and show your dedication it opens doors and opportunities for you in the future. I learned to always take your work seriously no matter where you are and what you’re doing. Communication is a big thing also because customers may get connected with the wrong department, and you would need to communicate with other team members to make sure that customer is helped properly and immediately. This doesn’t just benefit the customer; it also benefits the company. It impresses the bosses and gives us an exceptional name, and having splendid reviews helps the company grow bigger worldwide.

My internship has helped me grow professionally and as a person. I took the skills I learned here and I apply them to my work in school. When we have a guest in our building, I make sure to greet them and welcome them into our building, and when I present projects, I make sure that I engage with my audience and that they will have something to take away from my presentation. I now greet people by shaking their hands and making eye contact when talking to coworkers. My emails are now started by greeting the recipient, and letting them know why I emailed them, and then ending it with a “thank you” with my name and contact information. Here at ActiveCampaign, they taught me a lot about collaboration and teamwork; all the departments here all work together and co-exist with each other. Internships are very important. This internship has helped me become the person I am today, because ActiveCampaign is teaching me and helping me grow. If you’re in high school and don’t know what direction you want to go in life, an internship is something that can help you with your problem and put you on the path to success.

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