We just made marketing automation easier with “automated series”

For years we have had automation options within our marketing platform.  But until now we have always felt as if they were hard to find, and even worse, hard to manage over time.  So we decided to make it easier to manage and added a whole bunch of new automation features along the way.

A visual work flow

You can now easily create in-depth automations that include any number of actions and that can split off with conditional branches.

The power of “wait for” and now “wait until”

“Wait for” is an option that allows you to wait a certain number of hours, days, weeks, etc… between actions.  This is a common option for auto responders (wait X hours after subscribing to send the responder)  You still have the power of “wait for” but now you also have “wait until”   This new option allows you to have further actions happen only when conditions you set are met.   So you could wait until a contact has completed a specific action, has a contact field with certain values, etc..

Branching based on conditions

You can at any time in your series branch off into different sets of actions based on conditions you set.  This could include past actions/interactions that the contact completed, ERJA/EGEO data, or any custom fields.

New automation actions

In addition to the new “wait until” option we have added other actions including the following:

    • Add note (have a custom note added at any time in your automated series)
    • Notify someone (email specific people about the contact at any time in your automated series)
    • Initiate webhook (POST the contact’s information to a specific URL at any time in your automated series)
    • Start or end a different series
    • Subscribe/unsubscribe from lists
    • Update any custom fields

What’s next & your feedback

This is just the start of what we have planned.  There are some exciting new features we will be rolling out in the future that will allow you to automate and improve your marketing by connecting up with your site, applications, and more…

If you have any feedback on what you would like to see added, ways you wish to automated your marketing, etc… we want to hear from you.  Add your comments to the bottom of this page or shoot us an email anytime at help@activecampaign.com

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  • Jane

    Very sexy, great work gents.

    • jvandeboom


  • Eugeni

    Great. Really good automation. But:

    Start this automated series when a contact subscribes to a list or submits a form only?
    There’s no any conditions that start the series?

    • jvandeboom

      Not sure what you mean by “any conditions” but something needs to flag the start of a series. You can set any conditions on top of that (just check the check box) We will likely add more options to how a series can start but with the list/form options it covers quite a bit of ground.

      • Alex

        >>with the list/form options it covers quite a bit of ground.

        I’m agree. How can I suggest the additional options that can be the flags?

        • Hey Alex

          How about suggest them here, so we can all see your ideas? I’d love to see them and feedback into them if I have anything to say or add.


        • jvandeboom

          Feel free to post the suggestions here or email us anytime with any ideas at help@activecampaign.com

          • Mark Timberlake

            In mailchimp I can add my own contacts, does your software allow the same, or do I need to get them to sign up on your website.

            Bit of a pain if so, as a lot of my signups are straightforward requests from physical contacts.

          • jvandeboom

            Hey Mark,

            You can add them yourself (one at a time, file import, copy/paste import, API, using one of our auto import connections, etc…)

            We have quite a bit more flexibility and options for how you can add in contacts.

          • Mark Timberlake

            Then your product sounds perfect!

            Heard about your product here:


  • I think the section of the video at 1:33 should allow for standardization. I’d love to have a list of terms that my marketing team can draw from so that ‘stages’ and other contextual events are the same no matter which marketer is doing the work.

    That was the only initial concern I had right away.

    A little less Evernote tags and a little more Google Suggest ;)

    • jvandeboom

      This would actually work how you wanted if you created a custom field as a drop down. In this example I used an input which is why it is free form.

      If you create a drop down and add your set values you would then see those values when doing the conditions. (attached example)

      • Excellent. I’m glad to see that. Good forward thinking guys ;)

        PS. Thanks for the quick reply.

  • eugeni

    will it appear in hosted version?

    • jvandeboom

      This particular feature will only be available with our hosted service (not on-site)

  • FINALLY! Drip campaigns come to ActiveCampiagn!!!! JUMPING. UP. AND. DOWN. This is fantastic guys!!!!!

    • jvandeboom

      It has been needed for a while. However this is just the start… This is the framework for a lot of ideas we have to really push it to a new level.

  • David

    Will this be able to initiate actions based on events such as link clicks?

    If so that would put it in the realm of competing with Infusionsoft’s Campaign Builder and create some much needed competition.


    • jvandeboom

      Yes, you could have actions within a series occur based on a link click, open, or any specific interaction you define.

      So you could have it wait for them to interact, then progress to the next step, wait some time, then see if they made another type of interaction, etc… We are planning on developing what we have just released (which is already quite competitive) much further as time goes on.

      If you have any thoughts or ideas on things you would like to see added in be sure to let us know!

  • “improve your marketing by connecting up with your site”. I’m most keen on this, I want to be able to put a script on the site and see action data inside my AC account that I then pass along through Zapier to BaseCRM. Now that’s just crazy talk, but I love it!

    • jvandeboom

      Yup.. I am very excited about what we are working on with this. It is based on event and/or traffic logging that can be used for automation & other features.

      • If you could make it work with PadiAct that could be good too. With them I can pick actions to throw up your form and if we could have that tracked and have specific actions based on what padiact does then double sweetness. :)

        • jvandeboom

          Going to have our integrations person reach out to them. Feel free to drop them a note saying you would like an integration with us so they realize there is a true need.

    • jvandeboom

      An update on site/event tracking is at: http://www.activecampaign.com/blog/coming-soon-site-event-tracking/

      Let us know if you have any other specific ways you wish to use such data.

  • Great! I think we can easily integrate with you guys via Webhook for our SMS and voice platform, http://www.CallLoop.com


    • jvandeboom

      Get in touch at sales@activecampaign.com and our biz dev person who focuses on integrations will get in touch. Would love to get an integration going.

  • Armand Morin

    One big request is for the system to track conversions. Maybe a 1 pixel image to track conversion from campaigns. This would be a huge help especially with this new system. I love it.

  • Gingersan

    This looks good. So if someone clicks on a link to our website from oneof our newsletter, I could wait say one day, and then email them asking if they saw anything they liked, would they like us to send a price etc. etc. Am I brave enough to try it with my real customers?

    • jvandeboom

      Right now you choose to start a series by someone subscribing to a list or submitting a subscription form. You can specify conditions on top of that to only have people with certain fields, interaction histories, etc… enter the series.

      We will be expanding this so you can say “when they click link X start a series” in the near future.

      For now if you wanted a series to start with a link click you would create a list, add an action to that link (so when they click it they are subscribed to the new list) and then have a series that runs when subscribers are added to that new list.

      Once we make it so you can start a series with a link click it will simplify the setup process and you won’t need that extra list for this specific example case.

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  • dtox

    Hey guys, Great job with adding this feature. I was looking for an alternative to Infusionsoft to cut down some of our cost and then gave your software a trial. At the time Drip Campaigns was not possible so I went to Greenrope. I really would love to move our services completely to you guys but I guess the lack of CRM features was the let down. I did try to link Sugar CRM & your software before choosing Greenrope but the problem I soon learned was that I could only export my contacts to your software and could not easily import them back into Sugar. Is there any plans to further develop this area?? If there was I know I would be 100% committed to using your software as I did actually like the easy to use setup of it all..

    • jvandeboom

      Thanks for the kind feedback!

      We do have definitive plans on improving our integrations with the CRMs that we integrate with along with building out more contact management tools within ActiveCampaign. We have already improved the contact view page, added contact notes, etc.. A built in CRM (that still works kindly with other CRMs) is something we are going to do.

      Would love to hear any specific CRM options/features that you are interested in. If you have a moment please let me know at jason@activecampaign.com

  • Roderick Ruhl

    Where is this “AUTOMATED SERIES” available in the interface? We tried creating various campaigns and can’t see the option anywhere. Note: We are still testing using a free campaign before moving over from MailChimp which has become an interface-mess.

  • kambani zithe

    Great I am loving this

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  • Jon

    Hi Janna, I checked with our biz dev guy and we currently do not have an integration as far as we know.