‘Wait until…’ Time and Date Options in Automated Series

Yesterday we launched a great new feature, one that had been highly requested since the introduction of our Automated Series — time and date awareness.

With this new feature you can now effectively schedule steps in your automate series to happen only at the appropriate times for your contacts.

This can now be accomplished with a simple “Wait until…” step under the “Date and Time” section.

Best of all, the time we’re referring to here is not your time zone, it is the customer’s. We will now track and utilize each contact’s time zone offset via their IP address to allow you to send to them at the right time for their region.

If you set an automated series to wait until Monday at 9 AM, the next step will not progress until 9AM on the following Monday in their time zone.

No longer will you have to worry about sending messages at strange hours or days when you won’t be available to respond. As you can imagine this opens up a host of other possibilities which we can promise we’re already thinking about for the future.

Much like our enhancements earlier in the week we believe a more personal experience will lead to better results and this is just one of many steps we’re taking to help you provide that.

Got ideas for what we can do with this data next? Let us know on our Feedback Forums.

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  • Neil

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

    This is something I thought AC was missing. I will definitely put this to use!

  • Nick Bijl

    This is freaking awesome. Love you long time. Serious. :)
    Was really hoping for this feature, keep rocking!

  • Krzysiek Slodyczka

    Hi John,

    Glad this was added. Only a few days after I remember requesting it. Perfect timing.

    However, I think there is a feature missing that fits right into this.

    In my case, upon immediate opt in I send Email #1. Then the following day, at 9AM I would like to send Email #2. Then the following day at 9AM I would like to send Email #3.

    So if they subscribe at 4AM, they shouldn’t be getting Email #2 at 9AM on the same day. It should wait until the next day at 9AM before it sends Email #2.

    Now, I realise that this is very much possible to do with if / else statements with the current functionality. However, as you can imagine… this quickly becomes very tedious and the logic functions become hard to understand.

    So for now I am probably not going to use this extra feature, but I hope you guys could include an option to:

    “Wait until following day at 9AM” for example.

    I think this would be super easy for you guys to implement on the back end, but would save a whole lot of time and logic use on the front end for people like me.

    So if someone opts in at 11PM I could simply send them Email #2 at 9AM the following day by using the “Wait until following day at 9AM” option.

    Right now, with the current set up, I’d have to implement “if” statements (to see what time of day they subscribed) and based on that output, I would then have the add a “wait for” delay to each side of the output & that “wait for” delay would need to be appropriate so that they got their email “on the following day at 9AM”.

    This is an option GetResponse had and despite AC being a whole lot better (IMO) – this is one small option that really made setting up automated campaigns a lot simpler.

    Hoping this reaches you the right way & that we can get this added, please!! :)

    Thanks John! As always, keep it up!


    • jvandeboom

      Thanks for the feedback! I get what you are trying to do and agree it should be fairly straight forward. Will see what we can do.

      In the mean time you could always do a “wait 12 hrs” and then follow that with a “wait until 9am” to ensure its the next day in most cases.

  • Excellent new feature!

  • What if active campaign doesnt ‘know’ the location of the recipient, will it use the local time of our settings in activecampaign?

    Really glad you put weekday and weekend in the conditions, that way no more emails going out on a sunday if we don’t want them too. Thanks.

    • jvandeboom

      If we don’t know the contact’s location (and timezone) we will use the accounts timezone (so whatever you set for your account)

  • Hi,

    I wonder if I’m just not seeing it, or if it’s not possible:
    I have a custom date field in my list, and want to send mail on anniversaries, so basically X days/months/years after the date. Possible?

    Cheers, Philipp

  • Hey @jvandeboom. Is there a way to turn off the current time feature from the SUBSCRIBERS timezine and make the time based campaigns default to the ACCOUNT timezone?

    This is what I’m trying to accomplish:
    An online event (webinar) is at 9pm EST on a Wednesday. Let’s say enters the automation on a Monday.

    They get:
    1 welcome email on Monday.
    1 what to expect email on Tuesday.
    3 reminder emails on Wednesday (spaced morning of, 4 hours before, 30 minutes before)

    If someone enters the automation at 2pm on Wednesday they should only get:
    1 welcome email
    2 reminder emails on Wednesday.

    I don’t see a clear way to do this if the If / Then logic is based on the subscribers date or time.

    • jvandeboom

      Ya, I get what you mean. There is no great way to use a specific date/time instead of the contacts date/time for conditions. We hope to add an option to choose which one at some point in the future.

  • That has not. Yes hypothetically that would work as well.

    • Logan Wallace

      Has this feature been added yet?

      • Brian Gladu

        It hasn’t been implemented yet so you’ll still need to use one of the suggestions listed above.

  • Jason,
    You could use a scheduled campaign for the initial notices but there is no way to have it automatically trigger an automation and other steps unless they somehow interact with it.

  • Femke

    Hi John,

    Do you know when there might be a feature where the date and time sent can be based on my timezone? I’d like to be able to send out an automated email 1 hour before a webinar starts, but it’s sending the emails based on the participants timezone.

    Thank you! Femke

    • Hello Femke,

      At this time the automations can only use the contact’s local timezone, unless we are unable to identify it. There is not a way to override this.

  • Hi, what if I want to send at 6am every day, regardless of what day of the week it is?