We just released visualEdit Beta 2! We fixed a couple of reported bugs and added a couple of interesting items as we continue to shape this piece of software to look (and act) as a true ActiveCampaign web application.
Here is a list of changes:

  •  Fixed a bug with IE7 missing the file content in editor
  •  Fixed a bug in FileSystem connection type with resetting currentPath variable thus restricting to application folder only
  •  Fixed a bug in updater with double authenticator
  •  Re-indented a CSS file
  •  Minor template improvements and design changes
  •  Cleaned up Manage Connections form template, reorganized it
  •  Removed old javascript functions
  •  Added a text field for File Permissions (to manually enter chmod value)
  •  Added recurring copying for folders (both connection types)
  •  Added /admin/images/ folder for template images
  •  Added checks for write permissions for /admin/images/ folder (FCK will do the actual creation)
  •  New language strings

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