Today we released visualEdit 3.0, our web-based web site editor. We are quite excited about this new version of visualEdit. A lot of work has gone into reconstructing the core of the product and making it easier to use than ever before.
One of the key features of visualEdit is the ability to edit multiple web sites. With our lite license you can edit a hundred sites! visualEdit supports editing sites via ftp/sftp connections AND editing the local server that visualEdit is installed on. This gives you complete flexibility and allows you to use visualEdit for all sorts of situations and clients.
visualEdit gives you all of the standard ftp / editing features you would expect BUT it also includes some other key items such as:

  • File Versioning
  • File Notes
  • Bookmarking files/folders you need to view/edit often
  • Ability to create client accounts where your clients can edit their own sites
  • Page templates
  • and more…

To learn more about visualEdit checkout our feature tour or download your free trial.