View Subscriber Details in Nimble CRM

Your CRM and email marketing service should work hand-in-hand, and with Nimble CRM we’re working to make this easier.
Just a few weeks after releasing our initial Nimble CRM integration, we’ve added an improvement which allows you to view subscriber details directly within Nimble based on the Nimble contact email address.
You’ll be able to see the subscriber’s avatar, name, email, lists, recent actions, and recent campaign history. Clicking the “View Subscriber” button will bring you to that page in your ActiveCampaign account.
mkkl45tiy screenshot2013 02 22at10.02.07am
If the Nimble contact does not yet exist in ActiveCampaign as a subscriber, you can easily jump to the import page:
fk9t78xd screenshot2013 02 21at1.16.35pm
To integrate with Nimble, just go to the External Services page of ActiveCampaign, and click the “Integration” button underneath Nimble:
pyihgb025 screenshot2013 03 18at9.52.36am
Copy the URL from the textbox:
pkk6yhuvl screenshot2013 02 21at2.09.38pm
Then paste it into the Settings > Integrations > “External Web Pages” section of Nimble:
iyy2gdi4a nimble1
3avzmayq6 nimble2
Now whenever you view a contact in Nimble and look at the “external web pages” section, the ActiveCampaign information will be displayed.
Let us know of any questions!

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