Use Your Own Domain With ActiveCampaign Hosted Products

Screenshot of setting up Domain Alias

With ActiveCampaign hosted products, you are able to use your own domain name, instead of the default This applies to Email Marketing and Help Desk.
In the settings section, find Domain Alias, and supply your own domain:
20110110 8
Note: This feature is only available for certain plans.
Next, set up a DNS record for CNAME (or Canonical Name) with your domain registrar or hosting provider.
I will illustrate how simple this is using Media Temple. (Your own hosting provider may have a different set of instructions.)
First, click on the domain you want to use for your ActiveCampaign product. Then click “Manage this Server.”
20110110 2
Next, scroll to the bottom and click on “Edit DNS Zone File.”
20110110 4
Scroll to the bottom again and click “+ Add a record.”
20110110 5
Add a new CNAME record similar to this:
20110110 6

  • Name:
  • TTL: 43200
  • Type: CNAME
  • Data:

Change to your custom domain, and to your ActiveCampaign hosted domain.
Once the DNS changes take effect, you will be able to access your ActiveCampaign hosted software using your custom domain!

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